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    My countdown has BEGUN!

    So I just got some good news! In less the 24 days I'll be back to normal life! No more 125 degree heat! No more sand! No more fear of driving on the roads! No more walking around carrying my helmet and bullet-proof vest! No more weapons that are closer to me than my right arm! I am so ready to...
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    Happy 4th of July!

    Hope everyone's is better than mine. Enjoy your BBQ's, fireworks and time with your family. Be thankful that you have the freedoms that you do. I know I do. I sadly won't be with my family or any of my friends but it's worth it to me knowing that what I do plays a part ensuring that other...
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    Its now the 29th For ME

    LIke i said for me it is now 12:16am which means its Friday the 29th! Just sucks that there are no AT&T or Apple stores in Iraq for me to wait in line in. Anyone care to pick me up one and mail it to me:laugh2:?
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    Unique situation on getting the iPhone

    Greetings all. This is my first post on here even though I've been reading for about a week now. I plan to get this phone and will. But I am in the military and currently serving in the middle east. I want to get this phone on launch day but its hard to get it online with the time differences...