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    Version 7.7 / Outlook Problems

    Downloaded and installed 7.7 off of the Apple site. Had just sync'ed my iPhone before doing this and everything went smoothly. Now sync just runs and runs and runs. Have turned off contacts, calendars, email, and now it is stuck at bookmarks. Running: Windows XP and Outlook 2003 Anyone...
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    Have iPhone - don't use 'phone'

    Hi, I bought the iPhone about a month after it came out and before the iPod touch came out. Should have waited. I love my iPhone except I never use the phone features (i use my blackberry on verizon). Can I cancel my service to AT&T and continue to use my iPhone like an iPod touch? I have wifi at...
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    $20 EDGE plan

    I read somewhere on here that AT&T was now allowing people to remove the $20 data plan. This would be for those who just use wireless. I just tried this and they said that they weren't allowing this. She kept telling me my phone was not a phone but a computer that constantly accessed the...
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    Downloading from iTunes via WiFi

    I have downloaded my first song via wifi on my iPhone. Download worked great and synced to my computer also. Question: how am I billed for this? I have store credit on my iTunes account - but it didn't go down. Anyone know? Thanks, Glenneth
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    Anyone a blackberry and iPhone Windows user?

    If you use both, have you been able to get your iPhone to sync your Outlook calendar? I am just at a loss for what to try. I have tried everything on all the threads and on the Apple support site. Thanks, Glenneth
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    Getting an iPhone soon - what extras do I need?

    Good morning! I am getting an iPhone soon. I know that I will need to buy it a nice case (will probably get one of those flexi-skins). Is there anything else I need to be prepared to buy immediately with the iPhone? Any extra cables, chargers, etc? I want to make sure I get out of the Apple...