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    new rubber pieces for my v-moda vibes?

    Last night i pulled the headphones out of my gym bag and lo-and behold one of the rubber ear pieces came off somewhere and i lost the extras they give you with purchase...where can i pick up some of the rubber pieces locally? radio shack? best buy? target? help!
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    Anyone have this case? i just ordered it. I just ordered this with the seidio spring clip for when im at the gym. I like that there is no border around the screen, and that its thin and stylish yet will protect the backside of the phone...
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    if i return my 4gig, do i get a 8gig?

    I got a 4gig on I-day and lately its been really buggy and acting funny quitting programs and stuff all the time. If i return it do i get a 8 gig now or a 4 gig?
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    Just noticed something about my caller ID...

    I was watching the commercial today, and i'm running the latest firmware 1.1.2 and noticed that when i get a call the caller id picture takes up the entire screen, as if it were a wallpaper. (i have a launch 4 gig) My dad just got one last week and his as well as the one on the commercial...
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    Reception vs. Other Phones?

    Anybody know what kind of reception rating its getting? At my house i get really bad service, like 1 bar that drops out all the time. But everywhere else i get perfect signal, so how does the iPhone match up with signal?
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    4 GB or 8 GB? what you gettin?

    who else is getting the 4 gig? I don't think i will fill up 4 gig, because mainly i'll carry about 100-200 songs on it at a time (iPod has whole library). What are you getting?
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    *video* shows "ringtones" tab in iTunes so there you have it, iTunes will sell ringtones :)
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    Credit Check?

    I am an existing customer on my parents family plan, and i am going to pay with my debit card...what do they need a credit check for ? Is that for a new customer, they just run the credit check to see if they can get a plan once they get home or what? I guess I am just a little confused as to...
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    Camping and line ettiquite?

    I plan on staying the night thursday night and waiting all day on friday... I was wondering what the proper ettiquite is for this? Like, what if i have to go to the bathroom? Can you not get out of line for ANY reason or what? WHo's waited in lines before, and what are the "rules"
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    For those who's plan isn't under your name...

    I am under my dads plan, and he def. doesn't want to wait in line with me, so i called AT&T and they told me that if i bring in his name and soc. and stuff that i could do w/e i needed to do as far as adding the new data plan etc.. to the account. FYI for all those out there who are in a similar...