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    are backups stored on the pc whenever you do the backup option before a restore? i just did a restore because itoday crashed my iPhone, and when i restored, all my contacts and everything were blank. is there anyway i can go to an even older backup, or does it just store one at a time?
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    ziPhone 1.1.4 problem

    when i try to jailbreak 1.1.4 with ziPhone, it doesn't work. it will seem like its working, it will do the white message scrolling thing, it will restart, ziphon will say im good to go, but my iPhone goes back to DFU mode. anyone have any ideas on why this is happening?
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    How to set up ICS?

    hello, i want to setup my wifi usb stick to share my pc's broadband connection with my iPhone and wii. how do i do this? can i do it even though my pc is connected to the internet through a router? also when i go to network connections, right click on Local Area Connection, properties...
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    silent mode

    my iPhone's silent button broke while it was on silent, so i was wondering if anyone knew of a way to turn silent mode off in the meantime before i can get to an Apple store. if there is even a way.
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    help! stuck in 1.0.2!

    i downgraded from 1.1.2 to try to get jailbreak working, but i ended up in 1.0.2 and i cannot restore it. what should i do? btw when i try to restore iTunes gives me error 1604 im pretty sure.
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    rSBT / Customize for 1.1.1

    for some reason i cannot get rSBT or the one in Customize to rearrange my icons at all. is this normal or am i doing something wrong?
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    I cannot figure out what devicescape is for, or what devicescape connect does. Can anyone enlighten me?
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    Alarms are pissing me off

    For some reason, whenever i set my alarms and go to sleep at night, i wake up in the morning and all my alarms go off after i slide to unlock. So none of my alarms go off until after i slide to unlock, which is very pointless. Anyone have this trouble? i use alarms for everything, and its...
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    Car integration

    i have a 2004 Ford Mustang and i was wondering if anyone knew any iPhone/ipod car integration options. i tried looking at DICE but could'nt find one. im looking for something that works directly with a stereo, not like a fm transmitter. if anyone has any ideas please reply =]
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    WiFi ip

    i have been able to get my iPhone connected to my computer via wifi, but when i go to it on my iPhone it doesn't show the ip so i can use Winscp. what could i do to fix this?
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    iPhone not recognized

    i tried connecting my iPhone to my windows pc today, and nothing happened this time when i plugged it in. tried different usb ports, different cables, still nothing. anyone else get this? or do i have to restore? =(
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    NES Emulator

    ok i installed ssh on my iPhone, now how do i install the NES emulator? do i just drag and drop the folder in the apps folder? where do i put roms?
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    jailbreak trouble

    ok so i put all the files i need (iPhone restore files, jailbreak, iPhone interface, iTunesmobiledevice.dll) and when i start jailbreak, it says to hold power and home for 25s until it says please connect to iTunes. i did that and my iPhone says please connect to iTunes, but nothing else is...