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    Battery Life On First Gen iPhone

    I am getting way better life on the 3GS then with my 3G. The S lasts all day and one phone call does not kill the battery... Very happy so far.
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    Selective incoming call feature?

    Brat, relax. If he had not given you or whomever the solution, don't you think I would have? Or would you have me repeat the solution just to make you happy.?:2cool:
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    Selective incoming call feature?

    WOW... that is just how I do it. Goose bumps...:smile:
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    For those who upgraded from 3G to 3G S

    Worth every penny and would do it again.
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    Turn by Turn GPS

    MapQuest has a FREE app. If you open a free account on the mapquest web site it will communicate to your iPhone. I think it is great. for free...
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    Maps have become much more accurate!

    I have to agree, my 3G never could get the exact address and most often was one street off. But the 3G S nails the exact address.
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    Ok, so I jumped...

    Connect the iPhone directly to your PC and it would be a good thing if your USB was version 2.
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    iPhone 3G S, Was a worthwhile upgrade?

    Yes, so worth the money.
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    Anyone else have a flawless 3GS?

    Perfect My iPhone was delivered early on Friday morning and activation took all of a half hour. I did turn m phone off then on again and BAM service was there. I love the G3 S so far and am very happy with it.:laugh2:
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    Hence I went to the Apple store.
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    iTunes 7.7 available in a few hours; could 2.0 be next ?

    I just logged in to my Mac account at 8:42pm Pacific time. I would think I should not have been able to do that.
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    Apple: iTunes 7.7 available "in a few hours"

    Seems the earliest, for those of us who live in hope, would be 9pm Pacific time which of course is midnight Eastern time. Or a whole 24 hours more to fit with the NZ release. But my fingers are crossed.
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    Has anyone changed the battery?

    I took my iPhone in to the Apple store and they just replaced the entire phone.
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    What did you get with your Apple Rebate?

    2 foot iMac Ordering a 2 foot iMac 2.8 gig... had two rebates.
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    $4,800 phone bill from a turned off iPhone out of the country

    don't count me Don't count me in your Apple tally... thanks..
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    What if my girlfriend finds out? Assistance needed!

    Said by someone who does not post their photo... shame.
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    What if my girlfriend finds out? Assistance needed!

    What did you ever do... What on earth did you do to cause her to pick up YOUR phone and search for your coming and going phone logs... ? :2cool:
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    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    Great room Looks gothic from here... oh... nice cat ...:gasp:
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    New Guy Here! Should I get my iPhone now or wait?

    what would you gain What is to be gained by waiting?
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    Is there process to have an existing YouTube video converted into iPhone compatible

    TubeSock I use TubeSock it converts YouTube into iPod ready video... I loaded Don't You Wish Your Phone Was as Cute as Me and the iPhone thinks it is a movie... I hope this helps... oops... sorry... got TubeSocked already...