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  1. williamrob42

    Official "I just pre-ordered an iPad" thread

    Thanks for letting me know that information. I was kind of worried with all the questions. That is also the word I received from the Apple Store in Nashville. I also believe I will arrive early just to make sure. Thanks
  2. williamrob42

    Official "I just pre-ordered an iPad" thread

    I have reserved two and the Apple store which i reserved through said as long as I am there between the hours of 9AM-3PM I will get the iPad guaranteed. Based on the reservation. They said they will put my name on it when they get them in. I sure hope this is correct.
  3. williamrob42

    How many pre-ordered or reserved an iPad?

    I actually reserved two for pick up at the Apple Store. I reserved the 32gb and the 64gb. I will keep one and sell the other. I am looking forward to using this on the go and use the imac at home.
  4. williamrob42

    iPhone 3.1 battery issue!

    I don't know, I just know what I have experienced I guess each phone is different. With everyday use I can get 2 - 3 days on a charge on the 3g s. The one I bought on launch day I would get a day. So this is really hard to understand. Thanks
  5. williamrob42

    iPhone 3.1 battery issue!

    The battery on the iPhone 3g s is much better with Apple installed 3.1 software. Again i know this sounds strange but this is what I noticed in the difference from the phone on launch day verses the phone available today in stores.
  6. williamrob42

    iPhone 3.1 battery issue!

    This concerns the iPhone 3g s battery related issue. I bought the iPhone 3g s on launch day. Battery was not that great. I finally sold it and just recently this week I bought another iPhone 3g s. The difference in this one verses the one on launch day is the fact that from the factory it has...
  7. williamrob42

    Selling V1 iPhone?

    I would go with Ebay. I believe the V1 is still going for $300 - $400 and if unlocked you may get more.
  8. williamrob42

    iPhone 2.1, Hit or Miss? And Why? [POLL]

    Awesome update. Better battery life. I also noticed the backup feature is better. I believe Apple has done it with this update. Thanks to Apple!
  9. williamrob42

    iPhone tethering is here!

    That is the truth. Think about the people who paid the 9.99 for the application and then it is suddenly removed from their phone, now that is just not right! Really kind of creepy if it just disappears
  10. williamrob42

    iPhone tethering is here!

    It will be interesting to hear from Nullriver
  11. williamrob42

    iPhone tethering is here!

    I wonder if anyone bought it before it was taken off, and does it still work
  12. williamrob42

    iPhone tethering is here!

    There must have been a slip in the Apple security to let this one get by. I would have loved it.
  13. williamrob42

    iPhone tethering is here!

    Just when you thought there was a great app that was useful
  14. williamrob42

    iPhone tethering is here!

    Can you believe it. That is amazing because I know the apps have to be approved by Apple Right?
  15. williamrob42

    iPhone tethering is here!

    Well looks like it is too late! it is no longer available. :frown:
  16. williamrob42

    Email syncing problem

    same here on the email issue. I have to restart my phone just to get the email to even start working.
  17. williamrob42

    Poll: Have you gotten a 3G already?

    Picked it up on Friday 7/11 16gb Black! Love it!
  18. williamrob42

    3G better Speakerphone? Volume? Vibrate?

    Speaker Phone, volume and ring is much better sound!
  19. williamrob42

    Pandora rebooting iPhone

    Pandora gave me major trouble last night. So much I had to restore my phone, I believe I would stay clear of Pandora until it is fixed. :foot:
  20. williamrob42

    Who has upgraded from 5A345 to 5A347?

    The upgrade really helps. I had some trouble in the applications and did the restore / upgrade. :smile: