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  1. tybirdtybird

    ISO 10

    Anybody getting ISO 10 ? Not showing up on my iPad mini 2 and when I hook it up to my mac check for updates.
  2. tybirdtybird

    iPhone 7 The iPhone7 Release Event Discussion Thread

    Wtf apple you really drop the ball. Was hopeing it was going amazing phone not . No thanks I keep my 6s plus well maybe I might go with Samsung .
  3. tybirdtybird


    anyone useing HomeKit ? Mine stop working I use Insteon hub pro . Not finding my hub .
  4. tybirdtybird

    iOS 10 Beta 1 lags and freezes on IPhone 6

    So far iHeartAuto won't connect with CarPlay automatically. When you tap on flashlight it open when it feel like it and turn it off same way.
  5. tybirdtybird

    Why Jailbreak?

    Can you go back ISO software ?
  6. tybirdtybird

    iPhone 6s Thoughts on Galaxy S7

    On Samsung their displays are amazing apple better get it together.
  7. tybirdtybird

    iPhone 6s Apple logo keeps popping up on iPhone 6s

    On my 6 plus s Apple logo keep pop up . Like it's going in hard reset . I took it to Apple Store they replaced my phone but this one doing it to.
  8. tybirdtybird

    Ipad pro issue

    So far mine doing great. Have you tried hard reset ?
  9. tybirdtybird

    No love for the iPad Pro?

    Tell us how you like the pencil.
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    Thank you
  11. tybirdtybird

    iPad Pro vs. every iPad ever

    I love mine so far just got it today.
  12. tybirdtybird


    Can you use apple Magic Mouse with iPad pro ?
  13. tybirdtybird

    No love for the iPad Pro?

    I love my new baby the speakers are amazing sound like you have high end System.
  14. tybirdtybird

    Can't wait iPad pro

    Oh my god the sound was watch the video of iPad on sound like you have high sound System amazing. It's really lite wait weight. Love the new keyboard on the display.
  15. tybirdtybird

    Can't wait iPad pro

    Just iPad for now.
  16. tybirdtybird

    Can't wait iPad pro

    Wait on my iPad pro be here tomorrow can't wait. Got it from and making 6 payment on it.
  17. tybirdtybird

    Rise hand awake function

    I'm thinking going over to Apple Store to help . What is really nice you can swipe down to get battery level on both watch and phone on your iPhone.
  18. tybirdtybird

    Let's see you Apple Watch Battery Life

    Mine is really bad . I turned off rise arm. See if that help any.
  19. tybirdtybird

    Rise hand awake function

    My battery won't last a day. I turned off rise hand. Now just tap the watch to wake it up.