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  1. Torinate

    Screen unresponsive to touch

    Hello there. iPhone 6+. Just updated a week ago to iOS 9.2. This just started last night. A full 4-5 days since I updated. Now, my screen becomes unresponsive and I get stuck. I've hard reset it 7 times with no luck. I end up having to hit the on / off button close it. Then I can go back to...
  2. Torinate

    Transferring data iPad to iPad.

    Hello there. I have a 32g and a 16g iPad. The 16g one the microphone just quit. No idea why. Wasn't banged or dropped. I tried to vacuum it out and blow it out without change. I updated to 8.3 and still no change. So, any ideas? If I can't fix it, I need to trade the data from one to the...
  3. Torinate

    Cogeco email not working since update to 8.3

    Well, finally updated to 8.3. Now, my Cogeco email doesn't work. Settings look fine. I'm afraid to delete and the re-add it as last time I had to go through each email on my computer and manually send them to my phone with a different email. So now what? Thought I'd be smart and wait and...
  4. Torinate

    "A Problem Occurred"

    On certain web pages, I keep getting the message "a problem occurred and we had to reload the webpage". What is happening? It's frustrating when this occurs. I may have to re-input information etc. Also, my phone will just restart when I'm on webpages as well. Poof, the Apple symbol comes up...
  5. Torinate

    8.2 Confirm GMT is fixed?

    Haven't downloaded 8.2 yet. Can someone confirm if the GMT bug is now fixed? Thanks
  6. Torinate

    AirDrop glitch

    I have an odd AirDrop glitch. It finds others... But they always come up with someone else's name. For example: I send my wife something and it says it's from my son. My daughters phone only shows my wife's phone - 2 of them. But one of them is actually my phone. I can see my wife and...
  7. Torinate

    Calendar Events showing as GMT?

    Good day everyone. I apologize if this has been discussed (and solved hopefully!). Search didn't return anything... In my calendar, I see the events with a time but then also another time - the GMT time zone. Quite confusing to me... I have tried adding time zone support - no luck...
  8. Torinate

    Gouging Canadian I6 prices

    This is a little perturbing... The models here are about $84-$85 more than in the US. I'd like the 6+ 64gig, but it retails (contract) for $484.99 plus tax. That equates to $548.05. I can see adding the exchange rate, and that comes out to $435. Wonder why we're being penalized to the tune...
  9. Torinate

    Help! "this person cannot be reached by iMessage at this time"

    Hello there. Got my daughter an iPad Mini for Christmas. Unfortunately, we can't get iMessage or Facetime set up. She has a new Apple id and has been able to get into the iTunes etc. Efverything works... except for these 2 major things. I was on with Apple support last night but no luck...
  10. Torinate

    Can't connect to App Store, can find it on find my iPhone

    Kids iPad mini has some big problems. Can't connect to App Store, iTunes or basically anything to do with Apple. It just says "cannot connect to iTunes". iMessage won't work, no face time. I've tried logging out then back in, but it says my username or password are incorrect. Which if course...
  11. Torinate

    Help! iMessage and FaceTime aren't working. FMiP can't locate me..

    Hello. New iPhone 4S - replaced 2 weeks ago because of a black screen. Today, iMessage just stopped working and facetime as well. Any app that I have that uses push messages keeps telling me to sign into iTunes. I have signed in and out several times in the last 5 hours trying to fix...
  12. Torinate

    Black screen but iPhone is still on

    Hello there. This happened yesterday while texting. Phone just went black. No fall. No damage. I've tried resetting both hard and soft and then also restored it. No luck. Had someone look at it thinking it was the digitizer. But, he said that wasn't it. Any ideas? Phone is 1.5...
  13. Torinate

    iMessage down again...

    Ok. Today, April 15, my iMessage is once again down again. I have sent messages to my spouse, each one of them has converted over to regular text message. Anyone else experiencing this? Ontario. Rogers network. Both iPhone 4S Frustrating...
  14. Torinate

    Anyone else's mini take hours + to charge?

    Just got a mini for the kids to play on. I charged it initially and only once since then. This time, I kept track a little more. It took 6 hours to go from 29% to full charge. No apps running. It was not being used while charging. Is this normal for this model? I'm used to my phone that...
  15. Torinate

    Drat iTunes!

    I can't believe how often I get this! I'm beginning to wonder if they're having serious problems over there. Every single day, at different times, I get this message! YMMV... Sorry to rant, but really annoying to say the least...
  16. Torinate

    Nokia Here!

    Well, just downloaded this. A wee bit more accurate so far than Apple maps. (Not saying much I know) Well, it has me on the same side of the road at least. It's still off by 7 houses though. With Apple, it's off by 9 houses and says I live across the road. I only searched once for the...
  17. Torinate

    Does Apple read this forum?

    I'm curious if Apple reads anything here. There have been several concerns noted for a myriad of different problems. Wondering if Apple takes the time to read here or if there is perhaps a better forum or place people should voice their concerns. Most of the problems mimic what's reported...
  18. Torinate

    Calendar Woes with iOS 6!

    Can't find my post from a fees ago. 4S. Some calendar events go under New York and some under Toronto as far as location. I put in a recurring appointment and some are NY and others TO. I tried to change an individual appointment and it said it wasn't part of the string. It was one of the NY...
  19. Torinate

    iMessage dropping to text but only at home on WiFi?

    What could this be? My wife's 4S will send messages at text when she is at home on our wifi. When she is out, perfect iMessages. This was happening on 5.1 and now on IOS 6. Anyone know what it could be? Thanks! Torinate
  20. Torinate

    iMessage alert to writing gone?

    I don't have the alert to tell me the other person is typing anymore. Is this now gone? I liked it!