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    Winter: Phone always in Safe Mode

    I installed Winterboard about 50 times now trying to get it to work. Its always on Safe Mode. I uninstall it and its fine. I install Winterboard back to safe mode. I am on 3.0 3Gs. I don't know what to do.
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    Question about upgrade.

    Alright I am kinda lost on what exactly the 1.1.1 update does to peoples phone. I iBricked my phone. Then I installed Apollo Chat and just replaces some icons on my phone. What would the update do to it? Thanks to whoever answers.
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    Sell me your $100 Apple credit

    I don't need anything from the Apple Store. I am going to by a 3rd party car adapter when one comes out. I will exchange it over paypal.
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    Car Speaker for iPhone

    Sorry weird title but is there an in car holder that runs over the radio signal that works for the iPhone? I know there are a lot for the iPod but I don't want to run it in airport mode or whatever.
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    New iTunes

    The new iTunes won't detect my iPhone no matter what I do.. wth?
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    Apollo IM crash

    I have had Apollo IM crash on me 6 times since I got the new one yesterday. It just freezes my whole phone. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Money Icon

    I use the money app to keep track of my spending with my credit card and I really didn't like the icon. So I made a quick temporary one until someone can make a good one. But just in case people use the app and want a different icon here it is.
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    Removing Certain Apps from homescreen...

    Hello I am new here. I would like to say thanks to this site I successfuly Bricked my iPhone and I been installing stuff everywhere and adding many ringtones (THANKS!). Anyways I really really want to remove stocks from my desktop so Money app can replace it within the set of 12 icons. I just...