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  1. |3are

    iPad Air 2 availability in stores

    Has anyone heard confirmation of when the Air 2 is going to start showing up in brick-and-mortar Apple Stores? I went to one on Sunday and was told "next Friday." I don't know if that means this Friday the 24th or the following Friday (Halloween). Right now, shipping estimates suggest that...
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    iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper Resolution

    Admins, feel free to move/rename the thread. I want to get the record straight on the 6 Plus. The screen resolution is 1920 by 1080, but it sounds like the *optimal* resolution is 2208 by 1242. It sounds like what happens if you have an image at 1920 by 1080 is that the software blows it up to...
  3. |3are

    Every iPhone Compared Side-by-Side I found that this comparison was not extensive enough. Maybe show each phone loading Apple's website, sending a picture message (where applicable), loading the camera app and taking some pictures...
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    6 And 6 Plus Battery Usage Screenshot Thread

    Post 'em up. Be sure to indicate 6 or 6 Plus. Here's mine so far today. 6 Plus
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    Charging routine for best battery life

    So my girlfriend overheard an Apple Store rep today telling someone to never charge the battery on the new iPhone unless it was below 30%. I'm pretty sure that rep was talking out of his... Is charging early and often still the best way to go to prolong long-term battery life?
  6. |3are

    Handoff Issues

    Is anyone else having issues with this? I have my iPad Air and my iPhone 5 running iOS 8, but so far, I haven't seen any icons showing up in the lock screen on one after I've been using Safari or Mail on the other. I have Handoff enabled on both devices in the Settings app, and both devices are...
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    Retina mini - First Impressions

    I just checked the Retina mini out at the Apple Store. Having looked at an iPad 3 and now my Air for a few years, I think the Retina mini screen still looks much worse than the full sized iPad. I know it doesn't make sense. I know that the mini now has more ppi - the same resolution on a...
  8. |3are

    Disappointed with iPad Air specs and features

    No gold option. No TouchID. Still starts with the 16 GB option rather than moving to 32/64/128. I'm not saying it sucks, or that I won't get one, so don't start gathering twigs. I am a little disappointed though.
  9. |3are

    Push Notifications and Battery Life

    I've been hesitant to use push notifications for any application that isn't native -- mail, messages, etc. Turned them all off on my iPhone (except Whatsapp when I used it) and have tried to avoid them on my iPad so far. However, the one thing that would keep me running back to my desktop...
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    4G Speed Tests

    In central Texas. Pretty darn good. Way better than my home connection.
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    March Madness 2012

    It's here. (It's actually been here since the March 3rd whooping Carolina put on dook at Cameron to win the ACC, but I digress) The teams have been selected as of last night. It's time to make those brackets, folks. Will you be participating in some kind of office pool? Should we make an...
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    The New iPad Pre-Order Page is UP! (Kind of)

    Until about a minute ago, when you went to it took you to the old iPad 2 page. Now the new page is there, with a button in the top right that says "Pre-order now." However, the online Apple Store is still down.
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    Official Next Gen iPad Media Event Thread!

    As long as there isn't one already, this is the place to chat it up during the event. Looks like macrumors is getting slammed right now, as usual.
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    Pics of White iPhone 4

    There were one or two calls for more pics of the legit white phone in the wild, so here you go. Note: I got an Invisible Shield put on the back today.
  15. |3are

    White iPhone 4 officially on sale tomorrow Yes, I have been waiting this long with an iPhone 3G and an expired AT&T contract, and yes, I will be buying this tomorrow.
  16. |3are

    More Info (Rumors) Regarding White iPhone 4 Also, from BGR: Both articles refer to a "source"...
  17. |3are

    Bumper Refund Processed Automatically

    Just got this e-mail from Apple: hide details 11:41 PM (18 minutes ago) Dear Apple Customer, Apple recently announced that iPhone 4 customers who purchased an iPhone 4 Bumper are eligible for a full refund. As of today, we have automatically processed your...
  18. |3are

    Predictions of What to Expect at the Press Conference A rather long article that includes Andy Ihnatko's predictions. He's saying that Apple will: -not really give in very much -claim it's all just a big PR problem rather than an actual issue -refute...
  19. |3are

    Interesting Remark from Anandtech

    To all of you saying that Bumpers aren't a "real fix" and prefer a recall involving coating the phone's antenna: "However, adding tape won’t completely eliminate the drop in received signal, nor does it mitigate the problem nearly as much as getting a case. In fact, if you’re really concerned...
  20. |3are

    White Unboxing (Unofficial) This was posted on tech sites yesterday, but this link has more pictures than I've found on other sites. Yummy... Plus, more speculation about the pictured date on iCal as a clue... July 16th? :D