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  1. tybirdtybird

    ISO 10

    Anybody getting ISO 10 ? Not showing up on my iPad mini 2 and when I hook it up to my mac check for updates.
  2. tybirdtybird


    anyone useing HomeKit ? Mine stop working I use Insteon hub pro . Not finding my hub .
  3. tybirdtybird

    iPhone 6s Apple logo keeps popping up on iPhone 6s

    On my 6 plus s Apple logo keep pop up . Like it's going in hard reset . I took it to Apple Store they replaced my phone but this one doing it to.
  4. tybirdtybird


    Can you use apple Magic Mouse with iPad pro ?
  5. tybirdtybird

    Can't wait iPad pro

    Wait on my iPad pro be here tomorrow can't wait. Got it from and making 6 payment on it.
  6. tybirdtybird

    iPhone 6 Plus freezing up

    My iPhone been freezing up / lock up won't do anything then it works again. I'm moved From AT&T to T-Mobile this is brand new phone.
  7. tybirdtybird

    iPad freezes

    When I try and delete apps it locked up. The only way to get it back is hard reset. I sent feedback to Apple.
  8. tybirdtybird

    Beam me up Scotty!

    Just had me first phone call from the watch. Feel like I'm on Star Trek .
  9. tybirdtybird

    Request for watchOS sub-forum

    A new topic in software for watch . Apple come out with new software for the watch.
  10. tybirdtybird

    No sound

    Look in setting and etc. I tried to make a call also no sound from Siri .
  11. tybirdtybird

    Red dot on face ?

    What does the red dot mean ?
  12. tybirdtybird

    When I add a favorite to Safari, it shows up multiple times?

    I have 6 plus . Every time I add website to my favorite it show up 20 or more times It's with everything when add bookmark .
  13. tybirdtybird

    iMessage ringtone won't stop playing

    I tried to tap power button still play.
  14. tybirdtybird

    iPad Air 2 first impressions compared to iPad 2

    I just pick up iPad Air 2 . It's about 1/2 smaller then iPad 2 in with. So far I like it. I found out that I'm on share data plan with AT&T. I'm so glad I got wifi iPad.
  15. tybirdtybird

    Can someone explain HomeKit?

    I just installed iOS 8 and noticed HomeKit. Can someone explain what this is and what it does?* *Admin edited.
  16. tybirdtybird

    How to put contacts and calendar from my iPad, ip4s to Outlook

    how do i make my contacts, calneder, notes , etc to show up in my outllook 2010. I just download office trial on my laptop. I have i clould turn on have the software on my laptop. i think i tried everything. I made hotmail email so i could use outlook. i don't wont to pay the $20 for yahoo to...
  17. tybirdtybird

    Zoom on 4s ?

    Hey is there still a camera zoom on 4s like there was on 3GS ? Sent from my iPhone 4s BlAcK
  18. tybirdtybird

    Found out how to turn on Siri useing headset

    I just plug my headset in and hold down the botton it turn on Siri . I had a phone did voice control before so I tried it just now and it works great.
  19. tybirdtybird

    Where should I go and get ip4s ?

    I didn't preorder. Which store should I go AT&T , Apple store , best buy ? Apple store is about 13 miles from me. I'm looking to get 16 gb black. When I wanting to get ipad 2 everyone had them on backordered Apple store had them in stock.
  20. tybirdtybird

    Should I preorder or not ?

    How long does it take to get the from from AT&T ? If I upgrade now then I could upgrade in nov ? I bet the new iPhone will be amazing next year. Would you go upgrade now or wait I have 3GS now.