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  1. Appleboy


    any word on people camping out yet? I want to see pictures of people camping and lining up starting today HA.
  2. Appleboy

    is it normal for my 4s to be shipped from China to Arizona?

    preordered on 7th on my Apple app, last night got the email it a tracking # ups etc.. first time ordering, thought it'd be from cupertino that's all.. lol
  3. Appleboy

    My replacement iPhone 4 backlight bleed

    I was in a dark room, brightness all the way up with the screen all black and I can see light coming from the side.. Damnit anybody else? don't want to go to Apple again
  4. Appleboy

    What excuses should I give Apple for exchanging?

    I'm trying to exchange for new iPhone 4, besides antenna issue what else can I say, I don't want to walk away with them just restoring this phone. I am in need of a new 1
  5. Appleboy

    from a reliable source.. 2 model iPhones this sep, iPad HD, iPod touch

    there will be iPhone 4Gs for Tmo & Sprint, iPhone 5 for AT&T & Verizon.
  6. Appleboy

    I love and will always love the iPhone but I ordered Evo 3d

    I wanted to try something different, so I plan on selling my iPhone 4, I ported to Sprint because they will give me $125. Along with amazon selling the phone for $144.99.. I was wondering will Sprint get the iPhone 5 mid sep also? with sprint everything unlimited comes to $80 plus discount...
  7. Appleboy

    I recently got an exchanged, does this carry my warranty for another year?

    of the day I did the exchanged or the original date of purchased?
  8. Appleboy

    Legally blind woman able to see thanks to the iPad.

    Was watching HLN in the morning.. This story just going to raise Apple's stock... iPad in demand. I'm getting one. Efffer
  9. Appleboy

    Who protects their screen?

    With anti glare or any screen protectors.. Do you guys like the feel, does it take away of the retina? I will probably pick up power support anti glare hd
  10. Appleboy

    Guys I got good news and bad

    Just called up a local walmart , they have a 16gb wifi white in stock.. I'm bout to go pick it up... Bad news it's WHITE ;(
  11. Appleboy

    Those who got the 16GB

    Do you regret it? Are you running out of space yet? I think I can only afford the 16GB which bothers me right now.
  12. Appleboy

    When will Amazon carry these?

    I'd like to buy a new iPad, but do not want to pay tax. When will Amazon receive stock? Do they even sell the iPad? Would love to take advantage of no tax!
  13. Appleboy

    My iPhone 4 is going naked ;)

    Had this replacement since November, sick of cases.. Love the slippery thin feel of my iPhone.. Bye bye incase snap on.
  14. Appleboy

    You so cool walking around with the iPad 2

    A lot of customers with iPad 2s be wandering around the Apple store, the next day or so playing with it their shiny new toy showing off to Apple employees.. While you see those like me kept asking Apple employees if they have them in stock.. Wipe that smirk show off
  15. Appleboy

    people with iPhone 4s.. are you guys spoiled..? with the retina display?

    Customer Rating 2.0 Posted by: Phyzixguru (read all my reviews) Additional information about Phyzixguru could not be loaded. on 03/13/2011 I purchased this for my wife after standing in line for 4 hrs! The build quality is good, speed is good (except for safari). The...
  16. Appleboy

    Does the smart cover, cover the back ? Worth it?

    I know it covers only the front but my main concern is the back... I would like a cover just for the back... Just like my iPhones I like to cover the back and like frontal nudity.. My question is the smart cover when attached can flip it to cover the back and protect it well?
  17. Appleboy

    black or white? You happy with the color? No choice?

    To those with white.. Do you like it? I'm planning on getting the white but damn black is so sleek like my iPhone.. Don't care for white iPhones... But white looks kinda nice.. Anybody here who waited in line and had no choice on the GB/color?
  18. Appleboy

    Wishes Apple would stop being so selfish with storage

    I want an iPad 2 really bad, they need to eliminate 16GB all around and start the $499 at 32GB.. I mean come on 16GB is not enough with so many apps and books:music:movies out there... 32GB/64/128 :)
  19. Appleboy

    So the screen resolution is the same as the first iPad?

    With the new iPad 2, am I correct that it does not have a retina display? Is there any improvement in resolution on the second generation model compared to the original iPad? I don't mind that it doesn't have retina. While it would be nice, I would like to see an improvement in the resolution.
  20. Appleboy

    Now that both carriers Verizon & AT&T, I could already see the line on iDay 2011

    Even with just ATT single carrier .. Lines at these stores are unbelievable... Now that 2 carriers.. Im definitely paying in full.. I reserved at the Apple store 3 years and I still had to wait 4-5 hrs... Yikes