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  1. cherry ghost

    everythingiPhone in the press!

    ok, so a reporter from houston posted on everythingiPhone today asking for angry Apple fans. since i lived in houston, i emailed with the guy but didn't really want to be on camera (you'll see why in the video). he went out and did a piece about the "iSlap in the face" before Jobs made his...
  2. cherry ghost

    Poll: Should the Naysayers Cash The $100 Credit

    added a poll
  3. cherry ghost

    Sweet Redemption...

    To back up, I got an 8GB iPhone 17 days ago from my local Apple Retail store. So after speaking with an Apple customer service agent on the phone who told me "no refund", I decided to give it a try in person since I had read on here and on the Apple discussion board that some people had success...
  4. cherry ghost

    Just Spoke With Apple...

    The official policy about the price drop is refunds will be issued for anyone in the 14 day window. After that, no refunds, at least for now. I was three days short of a $200 refunds. Stings the nostrils but staying classy.
  5. cherry ghost

    POLL: Would you have waited if you knew the price would drop $200

    With the stinging news of the price drop today, I'm wondering how many of us would have actually waited 2 months if they knew there would be a price drop of $200. My guess is not many.
  6. cherry ghost

    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    I bought my 8GB 17 days ago for the full price of $599. If had known about the price drop I would have definitely wait. I realize that prices usually go down, but it definitely stings. Anyone else upset?
  7. cherry ghost

    "message has not been downloaded from server"

    so, i got my iPhone today, synced with my gmail and everything was working great, until... all of the sudden, without changing any settings, i kept getting the message, "message has not been downloaded from server" when trying to view messages that i had read earlier. i get this message only...