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    Maps not working correctly iPhone 4 with iOS 7 installed

    For some reason none of my Maps application works correctly anymore...Google Maps or Navigon. Anyone else having issues when it comes to navigation with their iPhone 4 or any other version of the iPhone? If there's a fix I would love to know because i really need my apps to perform.
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    Are you getting the iPad Mini and why? Or why not?

    I already own the iPad 3 so i cant justify myself getting one right now.
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    Sleight of Hand

    What IF...It's a big IF but a IF none the less....What if Apple used the Ipad mini as a diversion and they'll announce the long awaited Apple TV (A full Television). That would be great because i already have an iPad so i don't need a mini. Even though i already have a nice Tv i'm sure Apple...
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    No spoken turn by turn through maps on iPhone 4? WTF

    This really sucks, we get no flyover and no turn by turn. What a bummer.
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    Who else is pro iAds?

    This is a great feature implemented even better....I love it....Mainly because i love free things.
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    I have 4.0 (GM) What's new?

    I see nothing new from beta 4.... Anyone found anything new?
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    Is the iPad sold at Best Buy?

    I'd like to buy a new iPad, but I'd like to grab one if it is available at Best Buy. If it is im getting one :cool:
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    (Running Beta 1) Can't Backup now....

    I'm currently running beta 1 and i'm trying to back my phone up so i can install beta 2 but it keeps on crashing on the backup....Anyone else having the same problem?
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    ((OS 4.0)) Pandora, Navigon, AOL radio does not stream in the background.....

    Is it working for you guys? Because its not working for me...
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    Did anyone else Jailbreak their 3GS(Mac)?

    I just Jailbroke and a lot of the apps from Cydia not working....Mostly everything i download it brings my phone into Safe Mode. Any help would be appreciated. Here's the link to the mac version....Its simply a one click Jailbreak...It was too easy.
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    IDEA: Landscape mode for the home screen....

    What if we were able to turn the phone sideways while on the home screen(not in any app) and it goes into cover flow mode with all your applications.....I think that would be really cool and more than possible with the 3Gs. What do you guys think?
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    The 3GS screen feels so good

    There's something about the texture of the screen that makes the iPhone feel even more advanced. I want to get a screen protector but it wont feel the same.... Am I the only one?
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    Contacts won't sync (3.0)

    The error message reads "iTunes could not sync contacts to the iPhone because the contacts are in use by the iPhone" "Close the contacts settings on the iPhone, then sync again" Any idea why this is happening?
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    Just bought a Mac

    Help: I need help getting my VNC back up and running....Whats the best VNC application for the Mac? I have an IMac OSX
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    I just realized that this app also turns on your computer. That is just too cool. Anyone else knew this?
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    Will there be a trade in for V1 iPhone?

    Will we be able to get store credit if we turn in our old phones?
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    I think I BRICKED my Phone....HELP!

    Ok...This is what i did....I installed customize 2.0 and it crashed my phone....I was running firmware 1.1.1....That wasn't a problem....I knew how to fix it....So i loaded up iTunes and tried to load firmware 1.1.1 back on the phone once more but an error message came up. The error said "your...
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    I can't receive picture messages...

    For some reason I can't receive any picture messages.....Whey people send them to me they just don't come. Any ideas? PS: I know you can't view picture messages on the iPhone. At one point I was able to get picture messages but now they just don't show up.
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    Where can I find sounds for when I dial a number?

    I want my phone to say "1" "2" and so on when I press the number keys. Where can I find these?
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    Where can I find a full list of Icons for the phone?

    I'm trying to mod the phone and add some new Icons.....Where can I find some? Do any of you guys have any I can download and add to my phone? Thanks in advance.