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  1. BBP

    iPhone 6+ and Verizon's free data offer

    I ordered a gold 6 plus, 128GB from Version on 9/24. The shipping date was 10/23. I was supposed to get 1GB of free data for 2 years upon activation of said phone. It shipped 10/21 and I received it 10/23. The phone is great, I love it. But my 1GB of temporary free data didn't show up. Today I...
  2. BBP

    iPad AppleCare Protection Plan

    I got an email today from Apple recommending that I buy iPad AppleCare Protection Plan. Generally, I don't buy extended warranties they usually are a waste of money. But sometimes i do, several years ago I bought the protection plan for my first iPod, the iPod Color, but I never needed it and...
  3. BBP

    Oddball Question (I think)

    When you are in one application (any app, like the iCafe app) you click a link that opens the browser and takes you to that site, so far so good. Is there some shortcut to closing the browser and reopening the previous app when you are done viewing the website? Or do I just have to do this...