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  1. shadowboxer

    Age, Occupation, Income Poll

    same here, old man on the forums, I would guess. Anyway, never to old to love my gadgets:laugh2: 47 MD (Diagnostic Radiologist)
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    One of the biggest things I miss from my Treo...

    You do know that Marc now works for Palm & no longer supports chatter? Chatter was great but I don't miss it that much. iPhone handles attachments SO much better.
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    iPhone doesn't charge at wall outlet

    250 mile drive! That's why! (Not a single Apple store in Louisiana) Anyway, Apple tech support was wonderful. Described problem, they took credit card number ( just to be sure I sent in the old bricks), and I got the bricks the NEXT day packaged in these really cool convertible envelopes...
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    Phone Don't Charge with A/C Charger

    Reading in a lot of other forums and my own experience ( both of mine suddenly went out about 2 weeks ago), there have been a lot of failures with the AC adaptor blocks. Call Apple support and they will set up an exchange for you. ( Go my new ones in less than 48 hours, sent in an envelope...
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    New iTunes 7.3.2

    Gee wheez. It is bug fixes! Just because you don't "notice anything" doesn't mean it is "useless" If it fixes the issue with Outlook so many of us had, then that is fantastic!
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    Jabra EarGels + iPhone Bluetooth = Heaven!

    Amazon has em! For those interested, Amazon has them for sale:
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset Discussion

    Defective unit Ordered one from Apple store a couple of weeks ago. Shipped out end of last week by FedEx straight from china (China-->Hong Kong-->Anchorage-->me). Sound quality on the other end is HORRIBLE! They beg me go go to the handset. Also, lots of static. Just called Apple and...
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    How to boost weak AT&T signals?

    Gotta second that. I only had 1-2 bars at home. I went one step further and got a kit that included 2 sizeable antennas and an add-on internal antenna. I now get 5 bars through most of the house, and no less than 4 bars. I ended up getting the zBoost YX610 Dual Band Repeater Kit from the...
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    This place needs some serious Modding.

    I believe the overalll problem is one of immaturity, on the part of some of the posters and as well on the basis of the newness of this forum. Pdaphonehome, to me, was always one of the best moderated gentleman's forums ( btw, that is not a sexist remark, by this, I mean "gentleman-like" in...
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    $650.00 In Usage Charges

    Soon as I read this post, I checked to make sure the same thing wasn't happening on my bill. (it's not, ttl)
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    iPhone doesn't charge at wall outlet

    another two faulty chargers My charger stopped working last night and my wife's suddenly stopped working the night before last. The phone charges fine with a smartphones experts aftermarket charger, with a car charger, and with an extra Apple iPhone charger that I ordered directly from Apple...
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    Something to grip the iPhone better with.. my wish

    I will follow up with a new post when I get the egrips in... -dale
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    Something to grip the iPhone better with.. my wish

    I went through muultiple sets of egrips on my Treo 650s-- they are fantastic! The don't add to the bulk of the phone, are very grippy, go on and come off easily, and usually don't interfere with most cases. They come in clear and I generally don't use all. Anyway, I am happy to report that...
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    Outlook crashes due to iTunes sync add-in

    dscales Thanks! All I had to do was com add-ins and one of two iTunes add ins was not checked. I checked and then outlook synced just fine