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  1. Jeepinkj

    Cold weather

    I work in a fridge at night temp ranges between 30-40 it's normally an 8 hour shift sometimes longer I have a armor series case on my phone is it safe or to cold for to long a period Sent from my iPhone5 using Tapatalk 2
  2. Jeepinkj

    Location symbol

    Why is mine always on even when I close all my apps I can look at my phone and the location symbol is in seems like a lot of the time 64gb iPhone5 black
  3. Jeepinkj

    Case mate tough

    Anyone using this case I was thinking about changing from my otterbox defender to it cause mine is just to bulky was wondering if this one was thinner at all and how durable 64gb iPhone5 black
  4. Jeepinkj

    Save pics

    When I look at a pic on the forum app on my phone and click save where does my pic go