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    Help with icons

    want to hide all my icons and all I want is my dock with the dock app(the application fan with the sun on the bottom right). I can get them hidden using xlaunch but it seems i cant hide xlaunch. Is there any other way to do this? Please respond
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    Stop it...

    It is so funny that a lot of people here are upset because of either lack of application(as they implied), bricked phone, or the new update. They act like they hate Steve Jobs or Apple because of that. Guess what - who cares. They all ***** that they won't buy anymore Apple product or sell...
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    Thoughts on iPhone 1.1.1

    So it finally came out after all the debates and drama. I hacked my phone but I didn't unlocked it. I had installed a couple of application and modified my screen, ringtone to name a few. I got home and I read all the post about all the hacks is deleted. I still went and update my phone...
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    Must Read Blog I think this blogger must be out of his mine. Bottom line is if you don't want the iPhone or any Apple product as it is, don't buy it. Apple is just protecting its product after all. I also hacked my iPhone but...
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    Agent 18 + Screen Protector

    I finally bought the Agent 18. It does compliment the iPhone with its sleek design. I really like it a lot. It is easy to remove at the end of the day to place it in your dock and it doesn't stretch. I also installed the screen protector flawlessly.. I am a happy camper but where the hell is my...
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    Finally... the update.....

    Apple has posted a new update for the MacBook and MacBook Pro which corrects an incorrect default setting on some MacBooks and MacBook Pros: This update enables file system journaling on MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook computers. Some MacBook and MacBook Pro systems were shipped with file...
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    DO you guys know any black headset for the iPhone. The white that came with the iPhone gets dirty easily and it doesn't really match the iPhone design. I have been searching for any black one that is compatible to iPhone without using any adapter. Let me know if you know any. Thank you.
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    Help with converting videos to use for iPhone

    I have a couple of Music Videos that I didn't puchase from iTunes. When I tried to covert for iPhone/Ipod use, the music is gone but the video is playing and the file size shrunk. Is there any other way for me to use those videos in my iPhone. Do i really have to buty the video from iTunes?
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    Well instead of buying ringing tone from iTunes limited overpriced collection, I did invest on iPhoneringtonemaker. Yes the ringtone will be deleted everytime you sync with iTunes but you can restore then all by just one click in iPhoneringtonemaker. Atleast you can put any ringtone you want...
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    Will it work with Tomtom GPS

    I am planning to buy an iPhone and I want to know will the bluetooth of iPhone connect with Tomtom one. Replies will be appreciated. Thank you.