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  1. Ddrumbum

    iPhone 6s Thinking of trading iPhone 6s Plus for Galaxy Note 5

    So I have been really thinking a lot about trading my iPhone 6S Plus for a Samsung Note 5. Before the bashing begins, I love apple everything, I own an iMac, 4 iPhones, Apple TV, 3 iPads, Apple Watch and more. I just find that with the note 5, there is sooooo much more things the phone and os...
  2. Ddrumbum

    iPhone 6s Long wait for Verizon iPhone 6s

    I have a 6s plus 128 coming through Verizon, but it says not until Oct 26th. I ordered it 2 weeks ago. It's killing me having to wait, I wish it would come early.
  3. Ddrumbum

    Waterproof or water resistant?

    I was curious, and could not find it anywhere. Does anyone know if the stainless Apple Watch is waterproof or water resistant? Meaning could I take a shower or wash my hands without removing my watch? Any help is appreciated!
  4. Ddrumbum

    Apple Music Question, Please Help!

    Hello! So I am an Apple Music subscriber and just have a few questions 1. I have stored a ton of music on my phone(synced with iTunes)all in ALAC format. My question is when I turn on Apple Music will those ALAC music files we compressed down? 2. Will all of my synced music be streamed...
  5. Ddrumbum

    iPhone 6s Any changes to screen resolution on iPhone 6S?

    Apple must have done something with the screen resolution on the 6S plus. I have the 6 plus and I am comparing both phones, watching the same movie on netflix(Exeter)and the resolution on the 6S plus is so much better. Deeper blacks, more vibrant colors, more depth and just sharper detail. Or am...
  6. Ddrumbum

    iPhone 6s 4K Video Capture is AMAZING!

    There was several things I was very excited about with the new iPhone 6S+ and one of those things was the 4K video capturing. I have a 4K TV and figured out how to view the captured videos and watch them uncompressed on my TV. My process was with a 27" iMac. I just imported the video file to...
  7. Ddrumbum

    Why is available storage 10GB less than 64GB?

    Hello! I just purchased the 64GB iPad Air 2. I am just curious why there is almost 10gigs missing? Is there any way to recover any of that? I haven't even installed anything yet, and it's already down to 54 gb. Any help would be much appreciated, and thank you.
  8. Ddrumbum

    iMac Early 2009 iMac, To upgrade to SSD or not?

    I love my iMac, and I am contemplating having a 256 SSD drive installed. There is nothing wrong with my current hard drive, just want to upgrade to benefit from the apparently huge speed increase benefit. Has anyone done this? Was it worth it? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  9. Ddrumbum

    Oleophobic Screen Coating

    I just had to bring this up. I have very oily skin and the oleophobic coating is a god send for me. It hardly shows my finger prints and it is so easy to clean off. On my old phone it just got to where I was cleaning it more that enjoying it. Really happy with this new coating! Anyone else share...
  10. Ddrumbum

    Playlist Help?

    I went through and made several playlists on my iPhone 4, and I just synced my phone to iTunes and it erased all of them. How can I save these playlists, so they don't erase after I sync with iTunes?
  11. Ddrumbum

    Tripod stand for iPhone?

    I would love to purchase a tripod like stand to hold my phone. Is there any such thing? If so where can I find it? This phone takes such great pics and videos, I would love the ability to have it on a stand. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Ddrumbum

    Phone just shut off?

    Hello all! I have a concern on my new iPhone 4. All the sudden for know reason, it will freeze and then the Apple logo appears and the phone restates. Does any one have any idea why this is happening? My phone is only 3 weeks old. Should I call tech support? Help! Sent from my iPhone using...
  13. Ddrumbum

    Sound check?

    Hello everyone! I am a newbie to the iPhone as well as the forum, and I must say I love this place, so much information, thanks. My question is what does the sound check actually do? Is it worth turning on? Does having it on drain my battery or make my phone perform slower? Thanks in advance!