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  1. JackBauer

    Leopard - Gone Gold

    According to Mac News Daily, the iPhone has gone "gold". If you are not familiar with this term, it basicly means that it is final and ready to be copied. What do you think? Will there be an opening day, just like the iPhone where there's hype, and you have to wait in line for hours?
  2. JackBauer

    Mail - Aren't We Missing Something

    If you recall, in the Macworld 2007 iPhone demo, Steve showed of that you can have split veiw so that you can see the email message without opening it. Is the feature gone, or am I missing something?
  3. JackBauer

    Apple Logo On Back

    Is the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone a sticker or is it built-in? It doesn't say anything in the specs and it's hard to tell from the photos.
  4. JackBauer

    Safari Browser History

    Does it show up on your bill at the end of the month?
  5. JackBauer

    Macworld 2008

    Okay, I really want to go to Macworld 2008, but I do have a few questions. 1) Is it open for anybody or just developers? 2)If I buy the Platinum Passs (from last year) will it give me good seating for the Keynote? 3) What else is there to do? Look at differnt 3rd Party Products? 4) When...
  6. JackBauer

    iPhone Bag

    When I got my iPhone on June 29th, it came in a really cool bag with the iPhone on it, when you get an iPhone today, do you still get the same iPhone bag, or the regular Apple bag?
  7. JackBauer

    iPhone Screen Problem?

    Everytime there is black on my screen (even a persons hair in tv shows) it appears that every few pixels there is a tiny white dot. Has this happened to anyone else.
  8. JackBauer

    iPhone Update Question

    Is there anything that a software update cannot do for the iPhone?
  9. JackBauer

    iPhone - Help Wanted

    Okay, so basicly my phone was working great until this afternoon. When I tured it on it said "no service" at the top left and I was in NYC. Then when I got home it still says no service. My wifi works, everything but the actual receving and sending calls. There is not even at AT&T logo at the...
  10. JackBauer


    As the clock strikes down to June 29th at 6PM, I have been getting nurvous if I am going to get a phone or not. I am going to an Apple store around 2PM on Friday. Any help?
  11. JackBauer

    If The iPhone Fails...

    What if the iPhone fails? Do you think it is the end of Apple? Is the company putting too much stock into the iPhone? Thoughts?
  12. JackBauer

    iPhone T-Shirt

    If I wear an emplyee t-shirt (from on iDay will I be asked to change it?
  13. JackBauer

    iPhone Rollover?

    I have AT&T and the iPhone. What does roll over minutes mean? My old carrier didn't have this and I'd love to find out more about it.
  14. JackBauer

    Buy In Cash?

    I have no credit what-so-ever so, can I pay with cash and then my dad can use his SS number and credit card for all the billing/ credit check on iTunes?
  15. JackBauer

    Number Transferring on iTunes

    If I transfer my Verizon number through iTunes, does that count as breaking my contract?
  16. JackBauer

    408-550-3542 - What?

    408-550-3542 showed up on the "How to activate your iPhone" page, did any one call it, what is it?
  17. JackBauer

    Now Are You Gonna Buy It?

    Has the pricing plans changed anyones mind of buying the iPhone. Heck, Apple (AAPL) stock fell $2.69 when they released the plans. (I lost $400 dollars today becuae I own Apple Stock!)
  18. JackBauer

    Online Ordering - People and Supply

    How many people do you think will order online Friday and how many iPhones will be in stock for online?
  19. JackBauer

    Really Really Upset

    No one at the Apple Stores, AT&T Store, or online know jack about the iPhone. Whats up with this? Why is everyone left in the dark it is four days away. Will they know stuff soon?
  20. JackBauer

    iPhone Ordering Online

    Will the iPhone be avalible at 6PM local time ONLINE on the 29? Please let me know any roumors.