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  1. slipperypete

    iPhone just stopped working

    Went to make a call when I left work today and nothing. It looks like the call goes through but I can't hear anything and they can't hear me. Get home and do a restore to factory settings and nothing.....leaving to go out of town tonight and will have no phone. Oh, and to add insult to...
  2. slipperypete

    Battery life....close to giving up

    I am on my second iPhone because of battery life. My 1st iPhone had to be charged every day. Maybe I would get 4 hours and 30 minutes of usage, with 12-14 hours stand by before it died. Took to local Apple store(past the 2 week exchange period) and the changed it out that day no questions asked...
  3. slipperypete

    Help...every time I sync it erases photos in photo library and replaces them

    I have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. Every time I sync, the photos in my photo library get erased and replaced. Is there any way to keep old photos in the photo library and just add new photos to it? This is becoming very frustrating, never had this issue with my iPod video, it...
  4. slipperypete

    Photo help needed. Every time I sync the old photos get deleted

    Every time I sync my phone it adds my new photos but deletes the ones that were already on my iPhone. Any way to change this?
  5. slipperypete

    How to disable a text message from popping up?

    I have have tried, but cannot figure out how to disable a text message from popping up on the screen. Anybody know how? Thanks in advance
  6. slipperypete

    Activation Fee

    Switched over to the iPhone(Existing customer) on the 29 and got my 1st bill. To my surprise I was not charged the $36 activation fee. Was that fee only for new customers to AT&T? For some reason I thought everybody would be charged it.
  7. slipperypete

    No visual voice mail

    Has anybody had luck with it? I converted my existing blackberry with data and text plan.
  8. slipperypete

    E-mail issue

    I had no problems yesterday getting my accounts set up. I was able to receive and send e-mails, but today I can receive e-mails but I can't send. I keep getting a rejected by server error message. Anybody else having this issue?
  9. slipperypete

    In Contract=Early Termination Fees

    Sorry for the title, but I knew it would grab some attention. I would like people the weigh in on how clueless AT&T and their customer service employees are and about the misinformation they provide. A little background: I am not eligible for an upgrade(in contract) until 1/08. I was...
  10. slipperypete

    Local Apple store open until midnight on 6/29

    Went into local Apple store today(they must be getting sick of me) and found out they will be open until midnight on 6/29.
  11. slipperypete


    Anybody camping in Tampa? I'll probably go late Thursday night .