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    Has Anyone Considered Selling On eBay?

    its getting VERY tempting for me. i have an 8gb black, and some of them are going for $650-$1000! i am extremely tempted to put my up tonight for a 24hr sale, then take the money, upgrade to a 16gb when i can track one down and keep the rest as a profit. i really don't see how it could fail!
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    Things we are are NOT impressed with...

    ok, sorry to start this day off with such pessimism but a few things kind of bother me. 1) the back of the iPhone seems to be a whore for smudges 2) i HATE the fact than an 8gb only has 7gb actually available for use (but this is always the case) 3) the facebook app is horrible because you...
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    free text messaging

    So I went well over my 1500 texts this month so I figured out an easy way to text free On my computer at home I use aim. I add to my buddy list the phone number I want to text. So I would add +1 then the 10 digit phone number. Ex. " +14074445555 " then i get on my phone where i use beejive...
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    small thing that really bugged me

    so im driving to school (university of central florida) and i need to buy a parking decal. i ask the girl if i can just buy one, or if i need to register online first and she says "yepp you gotta register before getting your decal, your going to have to run over to the gym and use their...
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    Does your warranty start over?

    if you exchange your phone because it was defective, does your 1year warranty start over?
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    scared to exchange iPhone, and get an even worse one

    so my iPhone has some minor problems. such as one little dead pixil at the bottom of the screen, a little dust particle back there... my usuage wont reset, and im unsure if my battery is good or not. i don't get why my battery usage wont reset, im not sure if everyone has that problem or if that...
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    Who made money in I-day?

    well. i had some lady in line give me 100$ to save her a spot in line. which i was MORE than happy to do for her. ha. then someone i know calls and wants a phone. so i get him a phone and he gives me $170 extra for it. i almost paid for half of my phone just sitting in line.. anyone else make...
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    MMS and IM available on I-Day!

    some already posted the att/Apple training guide.. if you read through it, on say, the top of page 6, look what it says... "MediaNet will be used to access the internet. MMS and IM messages are included in the customer's iPhone data...