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    iPod with expandable storage

    The Fron is 100% correct on this one. None of them really have external storage but the Generation 1's can be used via a usb cable as a flash drive. Hope that helps you out some.
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    Anyone Play Video Games?

    I am also pretty excited about the Wii as well. I am not wild about the name but the games that are coming out for it look pretty sick and I can't wait to give the new Zelda a try!
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    Anyone here married?

    I am married and have been for 4 years now. We have a beautiful daughter that is 17 months old and things just keep getting better. Marriage is definantly something that you need to think about before jumping in and things will not always be peachy keen but if you truly love someone you can make...
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    What kind of music do you listen to?

    I listen to mostly pop/rock music and like just about all of it. I am a huge fan of Panic@TheDisco and the Killers, so if anyone here likes either of them feel free to chat it up with me.
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    Cheap Skins!

    Wow Thanks! I would have never thought of looking at the dollar store for skins for my Ipod. That is so sweet now I can change colors more often to match my outfits, Sweet!
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    What accessories do you have?

    Jamal, I just wanted to let you know that the zipper binders have dropped a lot in price lately. I have seen them in cataloges like Carol Wright super cheap, just incase you are still thinking about it.
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    What does iTunes charge per song?

    I have never used iTunes, How much are their downloads per song? Are they all the same price or do they go by popularity? I know that with some sites it is cheaper to download older less popular songs.
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    Will you buy an iPhone?

    I am definantly looking forward to checking it out once it is in stores but I am not sure that I will have the extra money to drop on it. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens when it finally drops.
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    iChat Mobile

    From what I understand Apple is just going to call this phone the iTunes Phone! Does anyone know if that is true? I read it somewhere but I can not remember where now.
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    Cost of the iPhone?

    Wow I never really even considered that these phone could cost more than $300.00! I really think that the most that they could even attempt to get is $300. I hope that I will have enough saved up to get one by the time they hit the market.
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    Do you think that they will ever make an Ipod that is also a digital camera? I would love to see this be made as it would make for less that I would have to carry around. Do you think this will ever happen?
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    How big are the minis?

    I was thinking about getting an Ipod mini but I am not quite sure how big there really are? All I have seen is the pictures on the electronics sites. What would you compare it to?
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    What accessories do you hope will be made?

    So what accessories are you hoping that they will put out for the iPhone. My self I just hope that everything is blue tooth compatablie since I just but a bunch of blue tooth stuff really cheap from a friend.
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    When will it be out?

    Has there been a set date yet of when the iPhone will be coming out? Also do we know who will be carrying this phone at first? I am a cingular customer and we never seem to get the new cool phones first.
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    Where to buy accessories?

    I always get whatever I need off of eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices I have gotten some great deals off of there. Don't buy from anyone that has negative feedback as those people are usually selling fakes.
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    Anyone Play Video Games?

    I am an avid PC gamer and have a few systems that I play on. Just wondering if anyone here is a gamer as well?
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    your dream system

    I wish that I could afford to buy a Dell XPS! I am in love with this laptop but I just can not find the extra money in the budget to pick one up. I have an alienware that I bought years ago but it is starting to get beat pretty bad.
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    How much are you willing to pay for your music love!

    I have a great love of music and would spend every dollar that I have if I didn't have bills. I would have to say that I spend about 100 a month on tech products and music.
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    iPhone Pics

    I have seen a lot of this phone lately and it looks so awsome. I wish that I could get this phone but I am probably going to have to wait forever for cingular to pick it up.