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    Unlocking iPhones

    How do you do it? I haven't really gotten in depth, but I have a 1st gen that I'm going to send to Malaysia and it costs 130 dollars to unlock it there. Any suggestions?
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    Displex Display Polish and Scratch Remover

    I was doing some googling for a scratch remover for the iPhone, because I have a hairline scratch that I'd like to get rid of. I came across this product and was wondering if anyone had tried it?
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    Best clear screen to protect my phone?

    First post, have been lurking around here for awhile and just reading. But, I've been looking at buying an invisbleSHIELD for my phone since I got a hairline scratch on my screen from god-knows-what. Any suggestions on fixing the scratch? I went to a jewelers the other day and they said...