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    New Feature? Or just previously overlooked?

    It appears that iTunes 7.4 broke this for podcasts After updating iTunes this morning, when I get to the end of a video podcast and choose to delete it, it now resyncs when I dock. In the past, it set the play count of the video to 1 and since I only synced unplayed podcasts, it would not resync.
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    Shure - Best Earphone Company Ever?

    Shure SE530's and MPA (Music Phone Adapter) Rock I've owned the Shure SE530's since they came out and I've loved them. The only problem I had with the iPhone was that they didn't fit the recessed headphone port. I did some surgery on the 3ft cord to make them fit, but I missed having a...
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    Comply Whoomps - Mini Review

    While the Whoomps aren't as comfortable as my expensive in ear monitors, I find that they are comfortable enough for short-term (1-2 hours) wearing. I found that I had to adjust the angle of the Whoomps a few times to get the best fit.
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    Shure Music Phone Adapter - Mini Review

    The Sony's work great with the Shure adapter. If you are looking for higher quality earphones, check out Shure's SE line. These are all modular, so you won't have the unwieldy cable length problem. I will admit that they are a little expensive, but overall, it is one of the most recommended...
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    I still have the box of iPod socks that someone gave me as a Christmas gift last year. They fit great on the iPhone. These are my primary case around the house.
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    Comply Whoomps - Mini Review

    For those of you that HATE the fit/feel of Apple's iPhone earbuds but love the play/pause/answer button, there is a cheap and effective solution. Previously released for the stock iPod earbuds, Comply's Whoomps attach to the stock buds and convert them to in-ear buds. I've tried the Griffin...
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    Shure Music Phone Adapter - Mini Review

    As an owner of Shure SE530 in ear monitors, I was extremely disappointed by the iPhone's recessed headphone jack. While the Belkin adapter helped a bit, it was akward and I lost the both the microphone and play/pause/answer button. But then I read the Shure press release that promised to solve...
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    New easy ring tone maker program for Mac users

    PPC = PowerPC. The former processor (made by Motorola instead of Intel) used in Macintosh computers.