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  1. Ffmaster1

    Lock screen notifications

    Is this normal in lock screen notifications?if is,what is the sense of sliding down to see all notifications?
  2. Ffmaster1

    I'm officially sick of ios 5

    really frustrated with all of the bugs i get with it and hours i spent on restoring and other things to make it work right...
  3. Ffmaster1

    iMessage won't refresh messages until new conversation is started

    So when i use imessage with one contact,than one of us disconnects from network,it won't refresh.still shows blue bubbles until i open new conversation with this normal?
  4. Ffmaster1

    Multiple downloads

    Looks like there is no multiple downloads with ios 5!?
  5. Ffmaster1

    iPhone 4 Processor Clock Speed

    I'm interested in getting my iPhone 1ghz of speed that it actually ows and i don't wanna to jailbreak it...any way to do this?
  6. Ffmaster1

    iOS 5 Bugs

    I have ip 4 and installed ios 5. There is a bunch of problems,like: ringer volume is at max but it is quite,same with playing songs. Once safari and app store crush. When changin songs in lock screen it first pause song then moves to next,and when i unlock it ,it goed really slow plus sometimes...
  7. Ffmaster1

    iOS 5 on the iPhone 4?

    I have an iPhone 4, but have yet to upgrade to iOS 5. Has anyone installed it on an iPhone 4? Will iOS 5 work great on that model iPhone?
  8. Ffmaster1

    iPhone 4 Safari problems

    Problems with slow safari browsing when zoomed in...