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    Why are YouTube videos not encoded in h264

    Actually I was thinking more of the web in general, not for sites targeting the iPhone. Sure for the iPhone they could make an iPhone specific site that replaced Flash video with quicktime/h264 video. But for the web in general, I'd say Flash penetration is much higher than Quicktime. (In...
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    Problems with iFuntastic 2

    Did you click the update iPhone button on the bottom of each of the 3 mod screens? It's easy to overlook.
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    Why are YouTube videos not encoded in h264

    I don't think you'll ever see h264 content linked to directly from a web site. Flash serves as a lowest common denominator: every computer either has it or can install it very easily. Plus it serves as a way for youtube to link back to, show related videos, etc. So I think you'll...
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    Rumor: iPhone Production Slows. FACT: Apple Stock Falls

    It does show how nervous current investors are. put it best: Apple currently has no room to make mistakes.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    Apple has changed the way they're accounting for revenue so that they can update and provide new features as time goes on. they've actually stated that to be the case, it's not just bloggers interpretting their actions.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    backing up is pretty much done automatically by iTunes. something in the restore/update process that (some) modders had to go through messed with that. I'm sure pretty much everyone here left that checkbox clicked in iTunes so it's not like we were being careless. as for modders, it wasn't a...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    If you have OS X, it'll be in '~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/long random string'. I've got files time stamped from the first sync that happened after my restore/update and files from my last sync. I haven't confirmed what the files from the original sync include, so for all...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    Re: backup stuff. I stand corrected, it looks like it keeps multiple copies of the files in there. Just did a sync and it created new files with new timestamps. So it looks like somewhere in the restore/update process, iTunes wiped that directory clean and I lost everything. Luckily it wasn't...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    Question. Do you also have usage times like call timer restored? I know iTunes stores a backup in a compressed SQLite database in your Application Support directory (in OS X) but unfortunately it only stores the last sync. I'm guessing (in my case at least) it did an interim sync which...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    Ack, had to restore and update. In the process I lost my notes and text messages. I thought it was supposed to restore those also? Damn you Apple for not syncing notes or letting us forward or archive text messages.
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    Soution to Lynne's posting "SMS" iPhone all show & no go

    Heh, thanks. Tho I don't see it much anymore, SMS supports return receipt. I used to use this to confirm when people received messages. Of course you're right, I was just speaking in the mid-term range, SMS will be here for at least a few years. Just think about how the transition would...
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    Anyone really rich own an iPhone and willing to reveal themselves?

    Uh, you mean he lures people to his house with the promise of free candy? :tounge: Though I do have to admit, the iPhone so far has been a great wingman...:laugh2:
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    Soution to Lynne's posting "SMS" iPhone all show & no go

    Mostly because it's a moot question. SMS is here to stay and the only way it's gonna go is for the majority of cell phones to provide something different. And I doubt it's gonna be email. The nice thing about SMS from a carrier's point of view is that it doesn’t require internet access. So if...
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    Soution to Lynne's posting "SMS" iPhone all show & no go

    Tell me about it. That would solve SO many problems IMHO. And it would be so easy to implement too. Must be. Though I'm not a teen by any means: I just find that email is much more likely to go unread for a day or at least a few hours...
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    Soution to Lynne's posting "SMS" iPhone all show & no go

    While I think this particular usage is a niche, the ability to forward SMS definitely is NOT a niche! Don't you ever get someone's phone number txted to you and then you forward it to a friend? Or someone txts you the directions to a party and then you need to forward it to someone else? The...
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    streaming radio on iPhone

    I'm really looking for something also but AFAIK streaming doesn't work. I haven't found anything that works yet. You can download MP3s and they'll play but I know that's not the same thing. Shoutcast also doesn't work.
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    Blackjack. Also glad my bill is now $20 cheaper.
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    Shure Music Phone Adapter - Mini Review

    How well does the remote button work? Does it have the same functions as Apple's? ie, play/pause/answer call on one click, skip to next song on double click, switch lines with call waiting? Since Apple's ear buds have never worked in my ears, I picked up a pair of Shure i2c's which has a...
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    LG Envy Vs. iPhone texting

    Again, speak for yourself. Right off the bat I've been holding the iPhone and typing with 2 thumbs. For regular dictionary-based words I'm faster than my Blackjack and average 40 words/minute. The biggest difference for me is that I know I don't have to hit the exact key, I just get to the...
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    So, how many other people have you seen with an iPhone?

    NYC here: about a dozen in my firm, 3 other people on my floor alone. And about 5-6 on the subway/walking around midtown. And just for comparison's sake, also saw 1 LG Prada phone on the subway. Looks pretty nice from what I saw.