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  1. yerx

    HUNCH* Distinguish 7 series from 5 theory, need your help.

    so i went to the Apple store yesterday with my 7 series iPhone to get an exchange, when i got home and opened the phone and i checked and it was a 5 series so then i tried to see if this 5 series has that weird digital code (from an earlier thread) on the screen by taking macro pictures of it...
  2. yerx

    SECRET* Apple's secret message to me?(no, not the song title when waking your phone)

    So i was flaming Apple for making a defective docks that scratches your iPhone yesterday and showed a picture of my scratches, then suddenly snowman96019 from ilounge noticed this weird digital code next to my home button as he says: " PS! What's up with the odd digital code to the left of...
  3. yerx

    GLITCH* iTunes says i have more than 8gb on my iPhone? haha wth

    according to iTunes: i have 8.83gb on the phone? anyone?
  4. yerx


    why wasn't a thread like this posted to WARN me~~ NOOO =*( so got the iPhone 3 days ago. i've been using the dock to charge the iPhone and ever since the first time i inserted the phone into the dock, it was very very snug, much tighter than it should be, and getting it out takes a wiggle. so...
  5. yerx

    Who is: Erik Hanson, David Taylor, Anna Haro and John Appleseed?

    these are the people whose names appear "calling" the iPhone in the Apple tv ad's. who are these people? are they mere "John Smith"s? or do these names shed light on the interior of Apple?