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    Need help with profiles for iPhone?

    Hi, I apologise if this has been covered before but I need the ability to create profiles on my iPhone 4. Let me first explain what I need: at night, I would like the phone to be completely silent except for receiving phone calls and texts. The calls bit is very important for me as there are times...
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    Can you help identify this status bar icon?

    I tried searching but have not found this anywhere....I saw this icon when I got up yesterday morning. Phone was on charger and almost completely charged. Went away after 30 or so minutes. Today again the same thing; this time I remembered to take a screen shot. Anyone know what this is? it's...
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    jb VZW iPhone - having multiple issues; help pls!

    Hi guys, I'm relatively new to the iPhone scene - I transitioned over from a blackberry and although I love this experience, there are some issues I have been noticing that are bugging the life outta me. I'm hoping you guys can shed some light on this and help fix it. Please let me know what...