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    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    hope, there will be a possibility to use any mp3 as ringtone
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    Bug in call history

    if he will report it! ;-)
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    Patch wish list:

    15) Ring profiles 16) mass delete messages 17) call recording feature 18) selecting more than only one recipient at once for mail, sms ... iPhone has too many bugs/missing features
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    Happily Returning iPhone & Getting Blackberry Back...

    No, I want only to check AUTOMATICALLY once a 3 hours and Apple restricts me. Do I really want so much? :angry:
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    Happily Returning iPhone & Getting Blackberry Back...

    And what about when I want to check to box after once o 90 minutes or after 3 hours? What can I do? Apple restricts iPhone users with this settings! Why we cannot say the num of minutes after we want to automatically check to mailbox? This is huge bug :(
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    Happily Returning iPhone & Getting Blackberry Back...

    I always said that iPhone is full of small "bugs" - and now it's here confirmed by some of the iPhone users. Why all you here think, that Apple will solve these sw problems? I think Apple will behave the same as nokia or sony ericson - they also do not want to fix the problems of their phones...
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    Can't Connect to HTTPS websites

    Isn't it because of the self signed certificate? maybe Safari cannot accept self signed certificates
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    iPhone questions for happy owners

    Yes, the phones software is still really unfinished, has too many missing features and I hope the sw update will come soon. But yes - its the first mobile phone from Apple, hope Apple will not behave like nokia.
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    iPhone questions for happy owners

    No, I wrote about the ring profiles known from other phones like sonny ericsson, nokia s40, s60 and others. You are writing only about per-contact personal ring tone
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    iPhone questions for happy owners

    Hi, I'd like to ask for something some happy owners of this great phone: 1) can I send a photo over bluetooth to another device? 2) how many phone numbers, emails, etc can be stored for each contact in the contact list? 3) is it really able to check mailbox automatically in only 15, 30 or...
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    iPhone's known bugs

    - cannot record current call (?) - cannot record video - cannot cut & paste a text - bluetooth without A2DP - safari without Flash support - without MMS support - cannot use mp3 as ringtone someone knows anything else?