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    just noticed someting. YUCK!

    I read somewhere (can't remember) that the antenna on the iPhone 3G is located around the rim, headphone jack, and near the mic, kinda where it is on current iPhone. That could be a reason for for the thicker bezel and such... which is a good idea, b/c I get bad reception sometimes b/c of where...
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    college football

    I agree... not many, if any, NFL teams will let their QB run that many times, but the heisman is not for the player who will be the best NFL player, it is for the most outstanding college football player this season... college football and the NFL are two different games. I won't argue about the...
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    college football

    I have to say I think Tebow deseved it, I don't think age should matter as injuries and stuff can easily ruin that chance, I think if you are the best player regardless of age you deserve heisman... For example Adrian Peterson his freshman year, I strongly believe he deserved the heisman, he...
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    college football

    The vt says it would be vt and lsu and the ou fan says it would be ou vs lsu... Both are very likely... According to how the bcs works either one could have happened, I personally think those human votes would mostly go to ou and allow ou to jump vt since the only part of the BCD that by is...
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    college football

    I never said go with the voters, what I am saying is a fact, the voters account for 2/3 of bcs and OU is 3rd in those 2/3rds of the bcs. I'm not sure if you watch football, but we played TT without our starting qb, and nearly came back and won. And we barely lost both games we lost, we muffed...
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    college football

    The reason I think ou would be above vt is bc the human polls are 2/3 of the BCS ranking... Most voters have ou above vt and if Ohio wasn't in the top two a lot of voters would give ou a number one or two vote over vt. Ou is third in 2 of the 3 bcs polls, and there is not a major point diff...
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    college football

    I like the part about not voting the idle teams into the nc, I haven't been much for Ohio anyway, but I think if no one voted Ohio a lot of those votes would go to ou and put ou above vt, ou is above vt in both human polls its just the computer have ou ranked lower which is why vt is barely above...
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    college football

    yes, sucks we'd be in the NC had Bradford not got a concussion against Texas Tech :-( GA vs. HAW should be a pretty good game! And WVU vs. OU... and those are probably the only two worth watching IMO. I think the NC this year is a joke... by the bcs it's probably the right choice, but...
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    college football

    I personally vote for college football playoffs! We would get to see many more good matchups and they could do that and still have their bowl games! :-) And I must say, I'm pretty happy with the season my Sooners had! No one was very certain about our team in preseason considering there was...
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    Something weird in 1.1.2

    I had problems with my wifi about a week or so prior to 1.1.2 and then when 1.1.2 was released all my problems were cured!
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    Problem connecting to iTunes... please help...

    Ok... I restarted iTunes again and it started installing 1.1.2 then it just quit and said it couldn't finish installing update on iPhone... so I disconnected it and reset my phone and it said to connect to iTunes and it told me I must restore my phone, so apparently it erased the software and...
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    Problem connecting to iTunes... please help...

    I connected my phone to iTunes (I'm running Mac OSX 10.5) it says "iTunes could not connect to iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000001)" I have never hacked my phone or anything. This is the first time I've had the issue and I've been running Leopard since Oct 26th and I have iTunes...
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    Can anyone confirm this about 1.1.2?

    I've had those ringtones since I bought my phone... I've had it since 1.0.1...
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    Any one think 1.1.1 is less responsive

    Yep! Much slower... I haven't hacked my iPhone or anything and it is much less responsive than previous versions... I'm considering doing a full restore and then re-syncing and seeing if that helps any.
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    iPhone vs xBox360

    I finally broke down and bought xbox 360, halo 3 is pretty awesome! Unfortunately school and girlfriend are currently suffering due to the xbox lol... Buying it was probably not the greatest idea. But i cant wait for guitar hero 3 and rock band!
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    Unlock a 1.0 iPhone for Mac users?

    Google it! Search for iPhone unlocking app for a Mac... good luck!
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    You weren't "fooled"... you have the option of updating... if you think the update is meaningless and a trick... DON'T DO IT! Plain and simple. It's the same as buying the phone, if it was lacking features you must have and still bought the phone anyway, then shame on you and it was a dumb move...
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    Unlock a 1.0 iPhone for Mac users?

    I didn't unlock my iPhone, I'm using ATT, but from the word going around, don't waste your time trying to unlock b/c Apple is trying to put an end to it. The update that was released yesterday is apparently making unlocked iPhone's not work. So, I'd wait until they come out with a new app to...
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    custom ringtones after update?

    I agree...80% of my music is from cd's that I bought... I really wish Apple would make it to where any song in your library can be made to a ringtone, iTMS purchased or not... I don't mind paying $.99 for a ringtone, but I'm not paying additional $.99 to buy a song I already own just so I can...
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    You bought an iPhone, but would you buy it again?

    I would definitely buy another iPhone. I love it! I'm a college student, and I work for myself. And the iPhone does everything that I need it to do. I can get online and check whatever I need, I get all my email easily (of course, the mail app has many flaws!), the notes and calendar I like, but...