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    Problem connecting to iTunes... please help...

    I connected my phone to iTunes (I'm running Mac OSX 10.5) it says "iTunes could not connect to iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000001)" I have never hacked my phone or anything. This is the first time I've had the issue and I've been running Leopard since Oct 26th and I have iTunes...
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    Predictions for leopard/iPhone integration

    If any, what new features do you think we will get with the release of leopard?
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    Yahoo! Mail won't download messages... Help!

    I have two different yahoo accounts, one of them is working perfectly fine and the other one will not download messages, it says "Checking for Mail" for as long as I leave mail open but it wont download any messages... anyone have any advice? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Mail accounts not appearing in iTunes for iPhone syncing

    My IMAP mail account will not show up in iTunes when my phone is plugged in and thereforee I can't get my folders and stuff to sync between Mail app and iPhone... help greatly appreciated!
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    Ringtones very soon? According to Appleinsider Apple will be releasing a new ringtone service next wednesday in their public announcement. Any thoughts?