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  1. Heacon

    Iphones still sold out?

    Hello there (: So I was at work driving across the Nullarbor... While preorder on Iphones came online.. I have since waited 2 months to do my order .... And they are still sold out.. I live in Australia btw.. I am after a 128 Iphone plus.. The only stuff thats not on sold out in periods is the...
  2. Heacon

    Battery becoming weak quick

    So basically 2 weeks ago my iPhone 4S began dieng at 3% now it is up to 13% I took a screenshot after i plugged it in so I could turn it on.. Also I only done little texting, facebook and a bit browsing(wifi) and as you see I don't get over 3 hours usage .. It has gone worse the last long...
  3. Heacon

    Different carriers while traveling

    So yeah now I am in Australia been 5 weeks in Thailand... I use vodaphonr here ... But it seems quite expensive 49 au dollar for 3 gig internet and lots of calling(i don't need it) i just need minimal calling and lots of gig... Any idea what carrier is best? Also i go 5 weeks to new zealand...
  4. Heacon

    Weird or supposed to be like this?

    I just noticed that standby hours is the total amount of hours since last charge and usage is just the amount of hours I ised it during that time... Oh boy and here i thought it was both those together= the hours since last charge damn I am stupid... Sent from my iPhone 4s using iCafe app
  5. Heacon

    Fix for usage bug?

    Hey out there I just did a restore and still i get the usage bug. I wona get rid of it so I can see how much standby and how much I use the phone. So how I do this if a complete restore wont do it? And no I am not sure if it even workee when I got it... But shouldnt it be software related...
  6. Heacon

    Huge battery problem

    Hey... So I have a huge battery problem... I know the screenshot is bugged so its just the hours you look at. Out of these hours I have used facetime half an hour amd browsed the net for two hours.. Is it normal i already now hit this low? Its my first iPhone and all the tips you gave I am...