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  1. zsuki

    Some pics of my new iPhone 6+

    Here are some pics Sent from Tapatalk
  2. zsuki

    I have just spotted an iPhone 6 bug

    I uploaded it on YouTube. Please check it out. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe Forums
  3. zsuki

    3rd party keyboard doesn't support user dictionaries

    User dictionary allows you to type faster. But it seems that it's unsupported ( or not compatible yet?) with the keyboards downloaded from App Store. This is the main reason that prevents me from using it. And another big inconvenience is, you can't push and hold the little earth icon to get the...
  4. zsuki

    Now you can turn off voice dictation In iOS 8.1 beta

    If you never use it you can turn it off, it saves a lot of spaces. It's on setting-general-keyboards.
  5. zsuki

    Some issues with the iPhone 6+

    I'm pretty happy with my new iPhone but there are still something that bothers me. This is my 4th iPhone since very first gen in 2007, and since 2013 I began to hate the small screen Apple offers and went to android nations, now I'm back. I'm new to Touch ID so I watched some video footage on...