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    Apple AT&Tempts to block free iPhone ringtones with iTunes update

    Article link: Apple has released an update to iTunes that blocks users from creating free custom ringtones and then syncing them to an iPhone. Despite Apple's best efforts to...
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    Leaked ad points to 16GB iPhone on November 12 According to what appears to be an ad from T-Mobile Germany (the nation where T-MObile’s corporate parent Deutsche Telecom is based), a 16GB iPhone compatible with that Germany’s 3G mobile infrastructure will be hitting the German market on November...
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    Rumor: iPhone Production Slows. FACT: Apple Stock Falls

    FYI - Posted August 1, 2007 1:00 PM by Gregory Ng Categories: Business News Apple stock fell 6.8% to 131.76 marking the single biggest day decline in its value since April 2005. This comes after a New York trading firm Miller Tabak & Co. reported Apple cut their iPhone order from 9...
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    iPhone Class Action Suit

    Lawsuit filed in Chicago over iPhone battery Lawsuit filed in Chicago over iPhone battery: Apple Faces Mounting Complaints on iPhone Battery:,135310-c,iPhone/article.html This battery situation...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    From PC World article: Although Apple is publicizing the security bent of this update, the update actually packs other tweaks. A discussion thread on Apple's forum details many of the changes users are noticing over there. Reports are flying that users are no longer experiences crashes while...
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    On my third iPhone in 3 weeks

    Seems to happen way too often with products that are made in China. Just My opinion..
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    How many here dropped Verizon for the iPhone?

    iPhone Can't Slow Verizon Verizon has the superior network working in their favor. And I hear they will be releasing some phones that will offer strong iPhone competition. Interesting to see what companies will do to compete...
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    iPhone has MAJOR problems

    Right on! People need to listen to the good and bad and get used to it.
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    AT&T only activated 142,000 iPhones the last 2 days of June

    Sour note for Apple as early iPhone sales fail to live up to the hype By Stephen Foley in New York Published: 25 July 2007...
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    Apple shares fall on report iPhone demand may slow
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    Security Alert: first iPhone vulnerability

    The article from Computerworld: Researchers claim first iPhone vulnerability; exploit steals data, operates phone Apple has until Aug. 2 to patch; after that, details go public at Black Hat July 23, 2007 (Computerworld) -- Three security researchers claimed Sunday that they...
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    Is anyone starting to hate their iPhone?

    Maybe they are employees of Apple and AT&T? :wink:
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    Security Alert: first iPhone vulnerability

    Apple given 10 days to fix security hole Article:
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    Is anyone starting to hate their iPhone?

    First of all, you have every right to post your experiences on here, good and bad. Why people bash the bad posts in just odd. You paid $600 plus for the device and at least $60 a month for service. You are entitled to get something that works. I did a lot of research on this phone as well as...
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    iPhone AT&T Contract, Anyone actually read it?

    Big brother is everywhere, isn't he? :gasp:
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    Is anyone starting to hate their iPhone?

    All of these issues/problems were reported in the reviews, which is why those who did their homework decided to stay away; at least for now. And many also decided that counting on AT&T's "bottom of the barrel" rated cell/data service, just wasn't worth it. Don't you have 30 days to bring it...
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    Security Alert: first iPhone vulnerability

    Security Firm: iPhone Gets Hacked Scary stuff. Another article:
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    $650.00 In Usage Charges

    Call AT&T and report this. You should get credit for the data usage. Tell them you have an iPhone and are supposed to be on the unlimited plan. Some bozo must have input the wrong code, or left out the unlimited data code. If you have unlimited text msgs, you should get credit for that too...
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    Visual Voicemail now available on Windows Mobile and some Blackberry models

    Visual voicemail is one of the most appealing features on Apple's iPhone. It lets you view a list of your voice messages on the phone and playback the ones that matter to you most, without having to listen to the messages in the order they arrived. But two days prior to iPhone's launch a...
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    Experts warn of lightning-strike injuries with iPods

    I would assume this would also apply to iPhones...