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    So all the bugs im hearing should be fixed in updates or do i return?

    That's great for those of you who aren't having any issues, but some of us are. If Apple or someone could give us a definitive answer on whether there will be updates regarding the reported bugs or not. If not, those of us having issues should be entitled to a replacement, or a refund. I'd...
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    Returning My iPhone

    "Don't let the door hit you on the way out." This is such an overused expression. I haven't fully decided on this yet. I may keep it. It sure is easy to navigate compared to anything else and I am getting so used to this keyboard. I am typing on it now. If updates with fixes are promised I...
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    Returning My iPhone

    Well, as sad as I am about doing it, I believe its best. The iPhone is an amazing phone, and revolutionary, although not as revolutionary as the hype has made it out to be. I can't help but feel that this device is, well, incomplete. I feel sort of like a beta tester. I liked the idea at...
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    Safari crashing, iPod cutting off

    what is a genius bar? Sorry I'm lost. LOL I mean I don't want Apple to rush the fix, but I also don't want to be stuck in a 2 year contract with a defective Device that may not get fixed. And those 14 days are ending soon. I absolutely love this device, but it needs to work right for over...
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    Where do they sell the headphone adapter?

    I'm getting sick of carrying around the docking station just so there is a line out port on the dock so that my FM tuner will play my songs on my car stereo. I'd like to know first if the headphone adapter will work with FM tuners for car stereos and also where could i get one? Thanks in advance.
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    Safari crashing, iPod cutting off

    My issue with my iPod on this device is getting worse. It seems like powering off the device and powering back on helps temporarily, but then as I'm surfing the iPod will shut off. Also, I had safari shut off on me again. Do you think I should look at getting a Device replacement, or is this...
  7. H instant messenger not working

    Hey everyone. I am trying to get to work so that I can use instant messenger on my iPhone. I know this sounds crazy but I use my iPhone more than my computer. It's just so easy to use and portable. I have my music blaring in my ears all time while I surf the Internet. Now If we...
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    Question About Adding/Removing Audio/Videos

    I wouldn't let it discourage you. It's not that big of a deal. It's a just a bit of an incovienience to us who had the original iPods where you could drag and drop songs and remove them as needed from your iPod. The actual iPod in this device is the best one yet, while it may not be able to...
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    Question About Adding/Removing Audio/Videos

    Now, I know one thing that everyone is disappointed in is that you can't manually add and remove songs or videos from the iPhone, but you have to sync them. I just want to make sure my understanding is correct. This means that anytime I need to make revisions to my iPhone song list, I need to...
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    iPhone NOT COMPATIBLE with iHome Stereos

    Wonder why It would work for one and not the other. I am having a similar problem with my FM tuner in my car that worked for my iPod but not for my iPhone. it also came up asking me if I wanted to go into airplane mode, after choosing yes it did nothing but play out of my iPhone speakers...
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    iTunes + iPhone = clunky annoying interface!

    I completely agree. I love everything About this device, and this was my only dissappointment. When I found I couldn't drag and drop my music I was baffeled. I am sure this will be fixed with the software update. I would dddinately agree that we are still in the beta stages. I must say I am...
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    Applejon says iChat WILL NOT be in the upcoming update

    That's a good question. I suspect it will be something we can all update via iTunes. With that said I think they will come out with a 12 gig iPhone within the next year with all the latest updates but I don't think current iPhone owners will be forced to buy it because we will get all the...
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    The iPhone is wonderful

    Hey everyone. I am typing this from my brand new iPhone right now. I absolutely love it. I was expecting a few bugs but I haven't so far and hope not to have any. EDGE is not that bad at all. I was expecting an extremely slow connection speed. To me this is not slow at all. I am currently...
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    Has anyone who ordered an iPhone got it yet?

    If that order was placed with AT&T, even though its backordered, they will not cancel it. Believe me, I've tried. They tell me the only thing I can do is refuse the package once I've received it. AT&T placed 2 holds on my account, a double charge of the iPhone which I had removed. However...
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    Will iPhone work with FM Tuner?

    Hi. I've been using an FM Tuner with my iPod to play my iPod in my car for almost a year now, it works wonderfully. It scares me a bit to hear that the iPhone may not have this capability? If so, I am trying to figure out why it wouldn't since it is an iPod as well. Does anyone know how I...
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    AT&T Has a 5 Year Lock on iPhone

    I'm sure Verizon will make you sign a new 2 year as well. There is no escaping contracts. Also, I don't think everyone with the version 1 iPhones are necessarily stuck in a contract. I think if a better iPhone comes out in a year, they will just require us to extend our contracts another 2...
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    What videos on the Internet can I watch with iPhone?

    Who needs anything else other than YouTube? It practically has any video you'd ever want to watch. Granted that not all of them are currently encoded the proper way to play on the iPhone, but I do believe Apple said they will all be encoded that way in the future so that any video on YouTube...
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    A lot of naysayers try to make it a point by stating that the AT&T 8525 and several other Pocket PC's will do all of what the iPhone can do, and more. I think they are missing the point. Apple didn't release this boasting that it would do stuff that other PDA's don't do, actually a lot of the...
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    Don't Do Direct Fulfillment

    So I don't understand....both charges have affected my account balance. My account balance is in the negatives because there are 2 charges holding of $639. I sure hope one goes away and I get that money back on my account balance.
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    Has anyone who ordered an iPhone got it yet?

    They have now charged me there is obviously some errors with this direct fullfillment thing. I am trying to get in touch with my bank now to get this resolved.