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    Apple AT&Tempts to block free iPhone ringtones with iTunes update

    Article link: Apple has released an update to iTunes that blocks users from creating free custom ringtones and then syncing them to an iPhone. Despite Apple's best efforts to...
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    Leaked ad points to 16GB iPhone on November 12 According to what appears to be an ad from T-Mobile Germany (the nation where T-MObile’s corporate parent Deutsche Telecom is based), a 16GB iPhone compatible with that Germany’s 3G mobile infrastructure will be hitting the German market on November...
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    Rumor: iPhone Production Slows. FACT: Apple Stock Falls

    FYI - Posted August 1, 2007 1:00 PM by Gregory Ng Categories: Business News Apple stock fell 6.8% to 131.76 marking the single biggest day decline in its value since April 2005. This comes after a New York trading firm Miller Tabak & Co. reported Apple cut their iPhone order from 9...
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    Apple shares fall on report iPhone demand may slow
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    Visual Voicemail now available on Windows Mobile and some Blackberry models

    Visual voicemail is one of the most appealing features on Apple's iPhone. It lets you view a list of your voice messages on the phone and playback the ones that matter to you most, without having to listen to the messages in the order they arrived. But two days prior to iPhone's launch a...
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    Experts warn of lightning-strike injuries with iPods

    I would assume this would also apply to iPhones...
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    Poll: Apple's new iPhone creating more buzz than buyers

    Article from The Business Journal:
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    Edge speed tests posted (Article)
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    Much cheaper iPhone reportedly on way
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    AT&T: How's the service?

    I am holding out for an iPhone until the service improves and the bugs are worked out. Was just curious what the feedback is on AT&T's service. Has it improved? I've had bad experience in the past with weak signal/dropped calls, painfully slow edge, poor volume, etc. I've posted a link below...
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    The iPhone launch report card

    Seems like AT&T's crappy network is hampering the iPhone's true capabilities. Here is the link: I hear rumors that Verizon is working on their answer to the iPhone. Should be interesting to see what comes of it. They have a far superior network in their favor.
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    Tell Steve Jobs: Unlock the iPhone!

    For those who might be interested, I'm passing this along:
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    So cool, but will iPhone work?

    Interesting article pointing out some issues that may give you pause:
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    AT&T EDGE speed boosts thanks to Operation "Fine Edge"

    Check out these links: They need to do something about their Edge speeds: "Both in the onstage demo and during my hands-on hour, the Web speed was OK—not great, but OK...
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    Media Max Unlimited Data Plan for iPhone - Only plan available

    According to our Tipster Jason (thanks a lot!), an AT&T representative from the North Shore Boston area said that the only iPhone data plan available would be the Media Max Unlimited Plan, which goes for $39.99. The Media plan gives you unlimited instant messaging for you iPhone but also gives...
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    Only 8 GB max..

    Bummed out that it's only 8 GB max.. OK, I own an 80 GB video iPod. The iPhone only handles a max of 8 GB. Early tests say the phone sound quality is mediocre. What incentive is there to switch. The iPhone can't accommodate my library of music. :frown: Wish Apple would have taken this into...