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  1. DUKEL

    Bad Auto Corrections when Typing

    Is there any way to fix Bad Auto Corrections when Typing? For example for some reason my iPhone has taught itself the word "Tge" so almost every time I try to type the word "the" it auto-corrects itself to be "Tge". It even capitalizes the word automatically.:angry: Is there any way to retrain...
  2. DUKEL

    MacBook New Aluminum MacBook Pics

    Okay here are some shots of my new MacBook with my iPhones & stuff. Custom modded a 2G iPhone dock to fit my 3G iPhone & iPhone bluetooth headset! Like the black keys but the trackpad is a bit hard to click. Love the Multi-touch though. Modded iPhone bluetooth dock The 2G...
  3. DUKEL

    Apple Blocked Pwnage on New Aluminum MacBooks?

    So I never had a problem unlocking my iPhone using my white macbook but since I got my new aluminum macbook Pwnage just wont work. iTunes will not recognize my iPhone when in dfu so I can restore it. When I connect my iPhone to iTunes in DFU mode it does not give me an option to restore. I tried...
  4. DUKEL

    "Billy Frontier" Best Action Game Yet!

    These racing games are cool and all but what I was really wanting is some action games on my iPhone(they are my favorite). I was wondering how they were gonna do action & shoot em' up games on the iPhone with its no button interface and accelerometer which seems perfectly suited for racing games...
  5. DUKEL

    What happened to Update All Option?

    I used to be able to update all my Apps with the click of a button. Now it seems I have to update them 1 by 1. Did this "update all" option disappear or am I just blind and just missing it?
  6. DUKEL

    Using V1 iPhone on Tmobile

    Just bought a 2G iPhone for my sister as a present, she is going away to Hawaii for college. I notice it is already updated to 2.0 firmware. Since she is on tmobile I'm not so sure this is good because of the lags etc. I have noticed with my iPhone 3G on 2.0 and she will not be able to update...
  7. DUKEL

    Griffin Tuneflex Aux with iPhone 3G?

    Has anyone tried this with a iPhone 3G? It looks like a good solution for someone with a AUX input in their car. It charges your device and outputs sound into your stereo. But will it fit the iPhone 3G i wonder. I have read confliting reports...
  8. DUKEL

    Email not downloading the entire message?

    Okay on plenty of my emails once I open them I have to click on a tab to download the entire email. On my iPhone 2G I could of sworn there was a setting for this that allowed the entire email(pics and all) to be downloaded automatically so I didn't have to click on the tab in the actual email to...
  9. DUKEL

    Best Audio/Line level audio out(Headphone vs. Dock connector)

    Best Audio/Line level audio out I hear many claims that outputting your sound from the dock connector provides superior audio using true line level audio output as compared to just using the headphone jack. Can anyone confirm this? (I am using a "monster icable for car" cable from the Apple...
  10. DUKEL

    BSE saved my iPhone!

    So I was at the gas station yesterday and I set my iPhone 3G on the top of the car while filling up gas. I remember admiring how sleek the black iPhone looked against the paint of my near brand new car. So I leave the station and I was just talking with my friend driving along and I realize I...
  11. DUKEL

    Will this work?

    I was wondering if this will work with the iPhone 3G? I am currently using the white monstercable from the Apple store-
  12. DUKEL

    Did anyone get any good iPhone 3G cases today?

    I bought my iPhone at AT&T which didn't have a very good case selection so I headed to Apple and picked up a antiglare screen protector & the "Incase Protective Cover for iPhone 3G". It was the thinnest case they had in stock and it is much improved over the first gen rubber incase. It is...
  13. DUKEL

    Trick to get your iPhone 3G working

    Okay if you are a previous V1 owner told to activate your iPhone 3G at home and haven't been able to activate through iTunes just use the sim from your V1 iPhone. I tried it and it works just fine! Visual voicemail, data, voice and all.
  14. DUKEL

    Upgrade Eligible Status for iPhone Customers Changed last night

    So I have been checking my upgrade status for the past week or so and Since I had the 2G iPhone it has shown me as Upgrade eligible. I wake up this morning and my account status has changed to eligible for upgrade in 2009. I did sell my 2G iPhone last week, did they sweep all the accounts that...
  15. DUKEL

    iPhone Activations Down

    I bought a iPhone today but when I tried to activate it iTunes says "iPhone Activations are Unavailable at this time" Does this mean that they are no longer activating iPhones through iTunes or is it just temporarily down?:embarrassed:
  16. DUKEL

    Can I activate a Jailbroken & Unlocked iPhone on AT&T?

    I am considering purchasing a unlocked & jailbroken iPhone from someone.(because its a good deal) Will I be able to activate it through iTunes and use it on AT&T like I have with so many locked iPhones or will I encounter trouble? Also will I still be able to do the software upgrades etc. or will...
  17. DUKEL

    Stuck Pixel, Should I even Bother Restoring?

    I've been noticing sometimes on my homescreen I can notice a blue dot(stuck pixel) against the black main menu in the right middle hand corner of the screen. It's not always there but comes and goes. Is it even worth trying to restore or is an exchange my only remedy?:embarrassed:
  18. DUKEL

    Screen Protector, Do I really need one?

    I have always put screen protectors on my iPhone's but do I really need to. How many people are going without one and has your screen suffered any scratches at all? Thanks.:smile:
  19. DUKEL

    Putting on Screen Protectors

    Okay so I left the original plastic on the iPhone screen until I had my screen protector ready to apply to avoid any dust particles. I peeled of the plastic & wiped the few particles that were on the corners of the iPhone & applied the screen protector. Even with so much care still I see a few...
  20. DUKEL

    EIC Email Notifications

    Every single response to any thread I post in gives me an email from EIC linking to the thread. It is just way too many emails, how can I disable this feature once and for all. I've tried in the settings but it only seems to let me choose not to receive notifications for each thread and there is...