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  1. rom x

    Apple Pay stung in transactions using data stolen from retailers: WSJ

    (Reuters) - Apple Inc's (AAPL.O) mobile payment system Apple Pay has been hit by a wave of fraudulent transactions using stolen credit-card data from a spate of breaches at retailers, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter. The transactions stemmed from...
  2. rom x

    Will the iPhone 6 win the GSMA 2015 award?

    3/12/2015 is the GSMA awards Apple hasn't won the award since 2011, will this year be the year for Apple to regain the number 1 spot? What say you? The Nominees for this year are Apple iPhone 6 HTC One M8 LG G3 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sony Xperia Z3
  3. rom x

    Anyone else have problems with NFC

    I can't seem to figure out why i can't get the NFC to work on my new iPhone. No matter what i try it just won't let me pair any my devices via NFC, like my bluetooth/nfc speaker. Has anyone got it to work?
  4. rom x

    Who would have preferred a slightly thicker iPhone?

    Just curious as to who would prefer just a slightly thicker iPhone 6 body and in return get a bigger battery, removal of the camera bulge, and maybe even more durability? There is no right or wrong answer here, just trying see what people prefer is all. I for one would not mind having a bit...
  5. rom x

    Great video for those who want to try SwiftKey

    Just like say thanks to my friend josh for this helpful video. im sure it will help some of the members with the new keyboards on ios
  6. rom x

    Is the iPhone getting too complicated

    Just wondering with the new version of ios and all the new features/gimmicks, if the iphone is getting too complicated for some users?
  7. rom x

    my first rig at my new data center

    finally got my first miner in at the new data center. after having them in my garage for the past year. time to step up my mining game;)
  8. rom x

    roku server with tons of movies

    roku server with tons of movies if it sounds like somthing you would like to try drop me a messg.
  9. rom x

    iPhone app that will mirror text messages on computer?

    ok i need a little help. im going to friends house to help him with a few things on his iPhone. now most of the stuff he wants to do on it. i know how with the exception of 1. He wants to know if their is an app that will mirror his text messge on his computer. know i use mighty text with...
  10. rom x

    Evolution of the PC [video]

    with the new jobs movie now out. this just seems like a good share.
  11. rom x

    Woman allegedly electrocuted to death when answering iPhone 5

    Story regarding a Chinese woman who was electrocuted while answering a call on her iPhone that was charging.
  12. rom x

    Guy Kawasaki on Android who knew?

  13. rom x

    finally got a chance to get my tree up.

  14. rom x

    who's looking forward to the maps from Google?

    just thought i would start this thread to see who's looking forward to the new google maps comming to ios?
  15. rom x

    iPhone 6 - What would you like to see

    ok so it's oct 1 and it's over a week since the iPhone5 has been released. so what would like to see added in the new iPhone for 2013?
  16. rom x

    Microfiber Cloth for your new iPad

    been using these for awhile now and i love them they work really good for cleaning my screen.
  17. rom x

    Excel docs on iPad

    I use an excel doc that I keep in my Dropbox that I am constantly changing from many locations. Question is my iPad won't let me make changes. Is their free app that will allow me to make changes?
  18. rom x

    new YouTube layout (desktop)

    just wondering what you guys think of the new layout youtube has now.
  19. rom x

    iOS 5.0.2?

    5.0.2 any new update as to when it is to be released?
  20. rom x

    desktop view?

    How to set my browser to desktop view only? I'd like to avoid websites from showing the mobile versions? Is there a way to force the desktop view?