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  1. Saiko

    iPhone 3GS Review Enjoy :2cool:
  2. Saiko

    Camping out

    So with the ability to pre-order online and have the iPhone 3GS delivered by the 19th, am I gonna be the only person camping out at an Apple store next Thursday? Provided they still allow it like they did with iDay 1 and 2, that is. Who else is with me? :2cool:
  3. Saiko

    Activation with no service?

    I don't know if anyone else has had this problem... But I tried activating my iPhone about 24 hours ago and just like everyone else, it took forever. A million calls to tech support later, we got it worked out (well kinda, i don't know what to think), and after a few more hours of waiting, I got...
  4. Saiko

    Second in line at the Omaha Apple Store

    RIGHT as I pulled up, a group of a few others got inline right before I did. Haha, well I'm here!
  5. Saiko

    First 2 iPhone Campers Interviewed

    iPhone Waiters in NY interview. Wow. :foot: haha
  6. Saiko

    Data + Service Price Confirmed? (take with grain of salt)

    I was watching a video on the iPhone at and happened to notice that approx 1:04 into it, gives a direct price for service and data? Since this isn't directly from Apple or AT&T, I don't know how much we should pay attention to this... But Business Week is a pretty...