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  1. TomTomTuning

    White Or Black 3G

    Ive been debating if i'm going to get this or not.... But if i do, ill get black. I wonder if i can sell my original iPhone..
  2. TomTomTuning

    Oh Case Of Mine

    So ive been using the Belkin hard case that AT&T carries. I'm on like my 3rd on already. Ive had this iPhone since the origin release. I really need a new case. I was at the mac store in Towson MD, and i was looking for a rubberized case but with belt clip. But had no luck. Anyone have any...
  3. TomTomTuning

    We've found it! We've found the feature of 1.1.4!

    Doesn't work for me.. oh well. id probably never use it anyway.
  4. TomTomTuning

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Wow what an old thread hahaha... I got an email notification some one posted in a thread of mine. Come to find out it was this one. My iPhone has gone through so much, but right now i am running 1.1.2 w/o any hacks. But thats fine. I don't care much about hacking it any more.
  5. TomTomTuning

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    ^ Awesome pics!
  6. TomTomTuning

    check this copy/paste proof of concept video

    That is way to funny.. Awesome find!
  7. TomTomTuning

    AIM on tilt but not iPhone?

    My girl has the HTC 8929, and wanted to get the tilt.... hmmm.. yes i was pretty sad not to see a decent Instant message App. I would of liked that more then you tube. lol EDIT: GRRR that sucks that it uses SMS
  8. TomTomTuning

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    I always thought Kat was HOT!
  9. TomTomTuning

    Guide: "Easy" Jailbreak 1.1.1 without restoring to 1.0.2 (Windows!)

    I honestly think i will not do this just yet. I haven't updated to 1.1.1
  10. TomTomTuning

    Not enough room to take pictures?

    Was this happening before the update as well? Maybe take your music off (uncheck the box in the music tab) And then try it that way. If all fails try another restore.
  11. TomTomTuning

    Call delete?

    In other sections of the phone. Like email for example. You can "flick" Slide your finger from the left to right on that message. And it will prompt "Delete" This also annoys me as well.
  12. TomTomTuning

    "Heroes" is this show really THAT good?!

    I remember seeing this thread a while ago. So i rented the first dvd in the box set at blockbuster. After getting done with that first DVD. I went to walmart (2am) To buy the box set. I absolutely love it, and i have session 2 set to save on my DVR (HD at that) So i never miss a show, and i...
  13. TomTomTuning

    1.1.1 and 3rd Party Apps?

    I Feel the same way. I do not have any interest in iTunes Store. So until they get AppTapp to work with the update, i don't think i will download it.
  14. TomTomTuning

    Something I realized

    yes i would be kinda upset about it, but i am sure id get over it. The question is would i buy the new one? I honestly don't know, maybe it depends on how much better it is then the one i already have. 600 (well 500 after rebate) was a lot of money on the phone, but its not like it broke my...
  15. TomTomTuning

    Error: Package Size Mismatch (Customize)

    yes i tired it again a little bit later and it worked fine. :laugh2:
  16. TomTomTuning

    Error: Package Size Mismatch (Customize)

    Ok.. Woke up this morning and of crouse i had to check for updates. I knew there was going to be a new update for Customize. So i downloaded the update for Customize, then i tired to download the update for the Designer Image set. But i get this error Package Size Mismatch. I also get...
  17. TomTomTuning

    My friends HATE my iPhone!

    respect ion isn't a problem for me.. its call volume. I usually tell them to old while i plug my head phones in. Which sucks.. I might get a blue tooth headset. but was never a fan of them. I have a blue tooth head set i got from Warhack (ps3 game) and i tired it on my iPhone it worked...
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    That is so funny.. Those are the same exact colors i have for my bubbles. hahaha
  19. TomTomTuning

    The Maze Master!

    This video got me thinking.. I was watching Domino fall down videos. Then i remembered about this one.
  20. TomTomTuning

    The Maze Master!

    Thats sweet. i remember that game. I call it fake. but oh well.