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  1. cdodkin

    Exchange Integration Delivered

    Looks like a 3rd party has cracked it - Exchange Integration Delivered at last! I received this update this morning, looks like they run the link to your exchange, you don't have to install any software on iPhone or Exchange server - suspect you'll pay a monthly fee:
  2. cdodkin

    How Vodafone blew the UK iPhone deal

    from the UK Guardian Newspaper: Vodafone's shareholders are obviously pissed, as they see a major opportunity has been missed, and handed to 02. Speculation on this forum that European cell providers 'didn't see the current iPhone as viable' is clearly not true. Note that no single...
  3. cdodkin

    Sure have you covered if you want to use non Apple headphones

    Shure have you covered if you want to use non Apple headphones Shure have a new gadget out for iPhone - that turns any headphones into ones that will: a) Fit the iPhone's socket b) Allow you to do phone calls as well as listen to your music Cool news for hi-end headphone owners, and...
  4. cdodkin

    iPhone Audio Output

    Just saw this nice little teaser in the online manual for the iPhone BT headset. Looks like the included dock allows you to plug up the iPhone (in it's dock) to your home stereo etc etc I hadn't seen that before -...
  5. cdodkin

    iPhoners Vs iMoaners

    It's been fascinating to watch the forum, the product, the people, the whole band wagon rolling through the launch and initial market reaction. Generally the forum has provided a positive, helpful resource, where iPhone users have come to get questions answered, get tips, share experience...
  6. cdodkin

    Great screen cleaner

    I've been using the iCloth that came with the iPhone, and also a microfiber cloth that came with my shades, and these have done a good job of removing 99% of the grime, and keeping the iPhone screen scratch free. However, there was always a little bit of grease left on the screen, no matter...
  7. cdodkin

    Calling from the Calendar?

    So - I have an event in my iPhone calendar - it's a call I need to make and I put the phone number into the event as the location. What I'd like to be able to do, is click on the phone number when the appointment reminder pops up at the right time, and dial the person from the Calendar...
  8. cdodkin

    Yahoo logo button in Stock App

    Just like in the Weather App, there's a small Yahoo button, bottom left, which takes you to a Yahoo web page. On the stock app it gives you additional stock info on your selected stock, including news, etc etc Very neat 'hidden' feature Also on the edit screen for stocks in the stock...
  9. cdodkin

    Anyone tried the Jabra A125s yet? This is designed to stream music from iPod over BT to BT stereo headphones. Anyone tested it with the iPhone yet?
  10. cdodkin

    Already seen more iPhones than Zunes!

    Already seen more iPhones than Zunes in the 'wild'. Came out of the movies last night to see a guy doing a demo of his iPhone in the lobby, to a crowd of six people. Never ever seen anyone using a Zune in public - do they actually exist ;) Zune and iPhone have sold similar amounts (to...
  11. cdodkin

    iCal/iTunes Calendar Sync issue

    When setting up iTunes to Sync my iCal calendars, It gives me an option to select which calendar to place any new appointments created on the iPhone into. (Sync 'All Calendars' selected in the Info tab) However, when I try and select anything other than home, it shows it as an option (work...