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  1. Daywalker7

    Direct Fulfillment question

    Maybe you could get an answer from AT&T if you didn't act like an ass.
  2. Daywalker7

    Do not buy from AT&T if you can help it

    WTF! Where in my post did it say I was rude to anyone at AT&T? Why is asking about an order rude? The rudest thing I did was hang up the phone after I was told I had to pay a restocking fee so that I didn't lose my cool. Can you people read?
  3. Daywalker7

    Do not buy from AT&T if you can help it

    I cant believe how badly BOTH sides have screwed this whole thing up. All Apple has to do is share info with their partners AT&T. All AT&T has to do is give me something, some little piece of real info as to what is going on with an order I already paid for but have yet to see in person without...
  4. Daywalker7

    Do not buy from AT&T if you can help it

    I didn't RANT! I called and asked about my order. don't be so smug because you already have yours jerky. I'm half joking with you but seriously, I you were in my situation, you would be fuming and right now is not the best time for me to go walking into that store.
  5. Daywalker7

    Do not buy from AT&T if you can help it

    So here is my nightmare. I decide I'm going to cancell my iPhone order because people who ordered AFTER I did were getting there phones and I got nothing but attitude from AT&T when I called to ask about my order. Keep in mind the money has already been taken out of my account as of July 12th...
  6. Daywalker7

    Check this website for better DF status

    Im really screwed. I don't have an order number. Just a confirmation number. This is all a bunch of BS. I should know exactly when something I paid for is getting to me. Looks like im cancelling my order and going with another phone until next year. Its just not worth all this.
  7. Daywalker7

    Check this website for better DF status

    I don't get this. How do I find my sale order numbers? All I have is the order number on my receit.
  8. Daywalker7

    Direct Fulfillment? or Apple Store

    I know the difference between something pending on my account and something cleared. The AT&T order is cleared on my bank account. So yes they did take the money out of my account.
  9. Daywalker7

    Direct Fulfillment? or Apple Store

    I ordered mine Saturday morning and it's still on backorder. If I had it to do over again, I would just wait for the Apple store to get them back in stock. I just don't trust AT&T anymore. I was told I would have my phone by Tuesday and my order status is still backordered. I was told my...
  10. Daywalker7

    What Does In Progress Mean - 3 Weeks?

    I'm in the same boat. Has anyone had any luck with canceling an order? I ordered mine saturday and was told it would be in by thursday the next week. When I called back today I was told it could be a month.
  11. Daywalker7

    Are the Screens the same size?

    Thanks. I almost went ahead and bought the 1st gen one
  12. Daywalker7

    Are the Screens the same size?

    I want to order the mirror screen protector for my 3g which I don't have yet. I was just wondering if the ones for the 1st gen iPhone will work with the 3g?
  13. Daywalker7

    How to make a ringtone on iTunes 7.7

    iPhone RINGTONE MAKER still works for 3G.
  14. Daywalker7

    Does the 3G iPhone support stereo Bluetooth

    Sorry, Apple will never put this into the iPhone. I have been waiting for it since the iPhone came out. Its so much nicer to listen to music at the gym without having to worry about wires getting caught in the eqiupment but oh well.
  15. Daywalker7

    Will there be a theme app?

    Does anyone know if there will be an app that can change the iPhone's theme?
  16. Daywalker7

    So the 2.0 update is going to cost $10.00?

    Will that be just for v1 iPhone owners or will Apple charge people who buy the 3g iPhone for the new software update as well?
  17. Daywalker7

    Why is Apple against AD2P for iPhone?

    So the Keynote is over and we have found out that this new iPhone will not have AD2P. There really is nothing new on the phone that you cant get on your existing iPhone beside 3G once the new update comes out. Question #1 does this confirm once and for all that there will be no AD2P on the...
  18. Daywalker7

    New Featurs of iPhone 2.0

    and still no AD2P? that's a real dissapointment. looks like I'm on to a different phone.
  19. Daywalker7

    Why is Apple against AD2P for iPhone?

    I don't like those slider phones. The less moving parts the better for me.
  20. Daywalker7

    AT&T answer tones compatible with iPhone?

    The same reason people put bumper stickers on their vehicles that they cant see while driving it, or get a tattoo that they either wont look at or cant see. It's another way to make a statement, show some personality. Why do you care about what other people do? It's no more annoying than...