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  1. TomTomTuning

    Oh Case Of Mine

    So ive been using the Belkin hard case that AT&T carries. I'm on like my 3rd on already. Ive had this iPhone since the origin release. I really need a new case. I was at the mac store in Towson MD, and i was looking for a rubberized case but with belt clip. But had no luck. Anyone have any...
  2. TomTomTuning

    Error: Package Size Mismatch (Customize)

    Ok.. Woke up this morning and of crouse i had to check for updates. I knew there was going to be a new update for Customize. So i downloaded the update for Customize, then i tired to download the update for the Designer Image set. But i get this error Package Size Mismatch. I also get...
  3. TomTomTuning

    Customize keeps getting better

    Just did an update this morning. WiFi Images Bar Dialer Chat Baloon Main Slider Power Slider Plus the other cool ones that came out yesterday. They also updated the Designer set images. There aren't any images for certain things available yet. But i am sure they will update the image set...
  4. TomTomTuning

    More Images for "Customize"

    I just downloaded Customize, using AppTapp. This app is awesome, it allows you to change the few things that Summerboard left out. Dock Background Carrier Image Badge Graphic (?) Ring Graphic Mute Graphic Silent Graphic Speaker Graphic They also released image packs, which have a couple...
  5. TomTomTuning

    Post Your Podcast's

    Hey, i am just searching for new PodCasts to subscribe to. Thought it would be cool to see what every one else has. Here are my current ones, and favorites CNET Live from CNET (video) Diggnation (video) Make Magazine (video/audio) Playstation on Blast (audio) Webb Alearts (video) And the newly added...
  6. TomTomTuning

    Requesting: iFlick icon

    Hey everyone, i late designing skills and was wondering if someone could help me with making a icon. Here is a screen shot of my phone, Note how iFlick is so.... Ugly. Can you help me create something a little better?
  7. TomTomTuning

    Alternate way to deleteing emails

    I honestly don't know if people know about this, or if this has been posted. When your in your Inbox, slide your finger on a message you want to delete. it will then give u the option to delete. Instead of hitting Edit then the - or Opening the message and clicking the trash can. So there...
  8. TomTomTuning

    App: Addfone

    While searching online i found this cool app. Its a directory of iPhone App's Link:
  9. TomTomTuning

    App: Seeqpod

    Thought id share this with every one... Cool way to find music online that you can listen to on your iPhone I have found a ton of great trance songs i love....
  10. TomTomTuning

    Mac or PC (Rap Music Video)

    Found this when i was looking for iPhone Video's (i was bored) Link: Some of it was pretty funny...
  11. TomTomTuning

    Why not 3G? (Edge it is)

    Any idea why AT&T didn't use the 3G network on the iPhones? I know the 3G is a lot faster isn't it? MY girlfriend has the 8525 with the 3G, and it seems pretty decent. Opinions Appreciated!
  12. TomTomTuning

    Smedge! (ahhhh)

    I think i am whipping my phone every time i use it. I have oilly skin so this is a problem for me. Does any one else go through this, and resolutions? If u used some sort of screen protector, does that help? Well thought id just vent a little... (let me whip my screen now, lol jp)