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  1. Daywalker7

    Do not buy from AT&T if you can help it

    So here is my nightmare. I decide I'm going to cancell my iPhone order because people who ordered AFTER I did were getting there phones and I got nothing but attitude from AT&T when I called to ask about my order. Keep in mind the money has already been taken out of my account as of July 12th...
  2. Daywalker7

    Are the Screens the same size?

    I want to order the mirror screen protector for my 3g which I don't have yet. I was just wondering if the ones for the 1st gen iPhone will work with the 3g?
  3. Daywalker7

    Will there be a theme app?

    Does anyone know if there will be an app that can change the iPhone's theme?
  4. Daywalker7

    So the 2.0 update is going to cost $10.00?

    Will that be just for v1 iPhone owners or will Apple charge people who buy the 3g iPhone for the new software update as well?
  5. Daywalker7

    Why is Apple against AD2P for iPhone?

    Maybe some of you mac users can shed some light on this for me. The iPhone would be the almost perfect phone was it not for this and a few other short comings.
  6. Daywalker7

    App Tapp Installer 3 question

    Says it recommends firmware 1.1.1. Does this mean that if you already have this on your phone and you go ahead and update your firmware and i tunes that App Tapp will still work? Or do you have to re jailbreak once upgraded and reinstall App Tapp?
  7. Daywalker7

    Problem with Send Song app

    I used send song to send an mp3 to my email account, the same one thats linked to my phone. Now when I try to go to my email on the phone I get a blank screen and the phone freezes. I tried soft and hard resets, nothing works.
  8. Daywalker7

    Problem with iPhone downgrade

    I just downgraded from the new software back to the old. The problem is, when I go into Installer I no longer see the customize app. I keep refreshing but still nothing. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Daywalker7

    Will you stop modding?

    After Apple's warning? It's scaring me into mod retirement.
  10. Daywalker7

    No Bluetooth on I Pod Touch?

    Does the fact that there is no bluetooth at all on the I Pod touch lessen the chance that there will ever be an A2DP update for the I Phone? I was holding off on getting an adapter for my iPhone but now I may just have to.
  11. Daywalker7

    Sound editing software

    I have a program called Polderbit Sound editor. With this I can cut down an mp3 to any size I want. So now instead of having a whole song taking up space as a ringtone, I can chop it down to 20 seconds at any part of the song I want. The software is pretty cool because it allows you to also...
  12. Daywalker7

    How to make Custom Icon sets

    I searched but couldn't find anything. What do I need to make my own custom icon sets? I have photoshop. Is it a matter of just resizing an image you created in Photoshop or is it more complex? By the way, for all those wanting to mod your iPhone ut are worried, don't be. I was just like you and...
  13. Daywalker7

    Does anyone have the Motorola s805 headset?

    The DJ style bluetooth headset from motorola? Well I got them to pair and I can take a phone call on them. The problem is after a few minutes the connection between the headset and iPhone drops. I go to the menu that gives you the option of taking the call from the headset, the iPhone, or...
  14. Daywalker7

    Inspired by Mac users

    While standing in line at the Apple store yesterday to get my phone, I struck up a conversation between 2 guys who are both mac users. I talked to them a little about the differences between the mac and pc. I must say I got kinda hyped about getting a mac laptop to use with my iPhone on the...
  15. Daywalker7

    Problems syncing movies

    I thought that if I could play movies in my I Tunes player, I could play them on the iPhone, no luck. Tried using i tunes to convert the movies to play on I pod, no luck, then to Apple TV, still no luck. As I said before, all the videos play in i tunes already, they just wont sync up to the...
  16. Daywalker7

    Windows video question.

    Is there a program that would let me convert tv shows I recorded using windows media center into a file that would play in I Tunes?
  17. Daywalker7

    Is iTunes for PC different than the Mac version?

    I heard recently that the I tunes for the mac is much different than the I tune for pc. What are the differences? I have heard that pc owners have problems trying to sync ipods, will iPhone users have the same problem?
  18. Daywalker7

    I think I'm done.

    Everything in me is screaming WARNING when it comes to purchasing this iPhone. Here we are a little over 2 weeks away from release and we still don't really know anything that we really need to know about this phone. The only new thing we have learned since the introduction of this phone is the...
  19. Daywalker7

    About AT&T/Cingular contracts

    I was a customer of the original AT&T cellular service before they became Cingular a few years back. I was in the middle of my contract then. I was given the option to either terminate my existing contract or continue on with Cingular. I bring this up because there are people who are worried...
  20. Daywalker7

    Is anyone else sick of all the F'n secrets?

    First off, Hello, I'm new here. I'm just so sick of all the freakin secrets surrounding this I Phone. It's coming out in a month and nobody wants to give you any info on the damn thing. Is it so hard to give us a damned date? I make a decent living but when dropping almost $600.00 dollars w/ tax...