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  1. sajawebb

    Well, I tried

    That sucks...I'm going to The Beverly Center! All the Beverly Hills crowd will be there!
  2. sajawebb

    No Campers; just police officer at my AT&T stores

    Only 30 units, but they're extending their hours to 10pm? No in-store activation...only purchases? What? Are all 30 paying with pennies?
  3. sajawebb

    Why 6PM on a Friday?

    And it's the 4th of July week(end)! :tounge:
  4. sajawebb

    Reception vs. Other Phones?

    14 days (2 weeks)!
  5. sajawebb

    t - 24 hours and counting

    pharoh isa dyck
  6. sajawebb

    Surprises Waiting for Everyone....

    awww don't be hatin:2cool:
  7. sajawebb

    The Next Post From Me Will Be in the iPhone Line

    full of s*** no response!
  8. sajawebb

    What is the Credit Check?

    also do the credit check before removing the shrink wrap on your iPhone. because if your credit is a nogo & you open the box...there is a 10% restocking fee (approx $55.00)!:angry:
  9. sajawebb

    So after 300-500 charges we will need to replace battery?

    can't the Apple store due a hot swap of batteries overnight or whatever?
  10. sajawebb

    Which Movies to Import?

    War of the Worlds:angry:
  11. sajawebb


    i hope my boss doesn't see me in line...i'm supposed to be sick in bed that day! Maybe i'll wear a wig, hat and sunglasses. There is at least one celeb on this site buyng one. I'm not sure why she doesn't get a pro waiter? I'll loan her my wig/sunglasses if she buys my iPhone!
  12. sajawebb

    The hype is too much!

    Well I posted this thread 2.5 hrs ago and I'm still here! I'm gonna have some left over pizza for brunch, take my girl to see Evan Almighty, enjoy the summer day, and come back to these forums til I fall asleep tonight. Gotta work tuesday! I'll be glad when the weekend arrives, and I'm playing...
  13. sajawebb

    NEWS: iPhone's $200 Million Jackpot

    Duh! Sold Apple at $85.00 awhile back!:frown:
  14. sajawebb

    iPhone 2 is coming...............

    ditto...sell iPhone 1 on ebay.
  15. sajawebb

    Honest questions answered.

    Good news! This guy is an idiot! One less thread to read since this thing is blowin' up with hype. Enuf of kolizion! Close this thread please!
  16. sajawebb

    The hype is too much!

    I don't think anything has had this kind of buzz ever! There are so many articles in print and on the web, that I can no longer keep up with them. A week ago I read everything! Now everywhere you look...iPhone this...iPhone that. I will still be in line friday morning, but I've got to...
  17. sajawebb

    What will we learn today?

    Here's what Bill Gates read this morning... Bet Bill has a professional wait-er in line for some iPhones! Unless longtime friend Steve sends him one!
  18. sajawebb

    Going case-less. Do you dare?

    I'm still gushing over your pic! I need to learn to read between the lines though!
  19. sajawebb

    I Would Like To Hear From...

    what's cool about malls, is that there's no camping out allowed. I'm gonna leave my car @ work & walk to the Grove, so that while people are parking...I'm be on the elevator:2cool: & getting in line.
  20. sajawebb

    Going case-less. Do you dare?

    The Apple Store will have the best accessories. Cases, AppleCare, 30-pin accessories, GPS Adapter, etc.