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  1. Sschep1

    iPhone 7 Problem with this app!

    Hey everyone. If somebody can let me know what I'm doing wrong. When I got my iPhone 7 plus, I restarted from new. No backups, just a fresh start. I'm downloading all the apps I used to have. This app is the only app that doesn't show up in the App Store. Does anyone know what is going on? My...
  2. Sschep1

    iPhone 6s App Switcher

    Hello all. I have noticed that sometimes when I use app switcher on the new update iOS 9.0.2 the icons are unavailable or showing a default icon. Anyone else having this problem and how do you fix it? I know there is probably a post about this already. If so could you point me in the right...
  3. Sschep1

    iPhone 6s How much RAM in the iPhone 6S?

    I'm trying to find out what the memory situation is for the iPhone 6S. I know, with Apple, that RAM isn't as big of a deal with iOS as it is for android operating systems. Androids usually require more memory because their software is lacking. Can anyone fill me in?? Thanks.
  4. Sschep1

    Any opinions or experience with Square Trade?

    Has anyone ever heard of or have Square Trade? If so, what are your thoughts on this protection plan? I don't have any insurance on my phone yet. I never had to use my insurance in a long time. It seems like a good deal. Is it?
  5. Sschep1

    App Store and iTunes Refresh

    Hey guys. Just found a little secret that I didn't know about, and maybe this could help if the App Store or iTunes freezes on you. Press the icons on the bottom toolbar 10x and the app will refresh. Any one of the icons will do. Featured, Top Charts, updates etc.. This trick will work with...
  6. Sschep1

    Email from EiC

    I have a quick question. Does anyone know how to turn email alerts off from EiC? I looked at settings and couldn't find it. I don't mind the phone notifications, I just want the email notifications turned off.
  7. Sschep1

    Selling my iPhone 4

    Just have one question. I'm selling my iPhone 4 and wanted to know, do I have to remove the sim card before selling it. I already activated my 4S, so what is the point of taking it out? Isn't it blank? Also, what about the buyer, won't he need a sim card to get started? Thanks for any...
  8. Sschep1


    Is anyone else as psychotic as me? I probably have the cleanest iPhone 4 in the country. I'm OCD like with cleaning and protecting my screen. I've also noticed at work, I'm a space systems engineer, blue nitrile gloves keeps fingerprints off the screen. I'm just wondering if I have a problem...
  9. Sschep1

    Steps to jailbreaking and is it safe?

    I've never done any kind of jailbreaking. I am wondering what steps I have to take to start the jailbreak and only if it is safe. And has anyone had any trouble with viruses? Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  10. Sschep1

    Girlfriend destroyed my iPhone 4

    Just wanted to put this out there. My girlfriend, now ex-gf were having a little fight. Totally normal. She got a hold of my iPhone 4 and flushed it down the toilet. It actually went down no problem. I have never touched a woman ever and I didn't this time either. But this is the closest I have...
  11. Sschep1

    Bodog App

    I don't know why this hasn't happened yet, but all of these gambling sites need to put out an app. Does anyone know why there isn't? How sick would that be? Or is Apple just not allowing it? Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  12. Sschep1

    What's next to the battery icon on iPhone?

    I have a symbol next to my battery icon. It has two sideways triangles and two lines running perpendicular to each other. What is this symbol,? And also where can I find the user guide? Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  13. Sschep1

    This place is so negative.

    I ordered my new iPhone 4 the day it came out. I downloaded this app yesterday and reading all of these negative threads is really pissing me off. The camera will be fixed with an update, and almost every phone has issues with reception if you hold it the wrong way. I'm just saying let's wait...