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  1. Conan

    WiFi passcode

    I lost the WEP key that I need to connect to my houses Wifi. I just want to know if there is a way to find out the connecting to the router from the internet browser or something. I know the password and username. I own a linksys. Thanks.
  2. Conan


    I don't know how this is possible.. I thought the iPhone had been opened and checked and There was not hardware in the iPhone for it to be TV-out compatible? I don't know who to trust... is TV-out only Europe only? or is it for the states as well? anyone got any info on this? I WOULD LOVE TV-OUT...
  3. Conan

    iPhone A/V cable

    is no more. like I was a glitch in the system and the cable is not iPhone compatible.. the updated site.. I was really looking forward to getting it.
  4. Conan

    Apple stocks lol think about the people who actually listened to that recommendation and stocked up on stocks. AAPL stocks are doing horrible currently. No, this is not a whiny thread..just wanted to bring some...
  5. Conan

    Converting help

    Can someone please help me to find a converter that converts from .mkv format to iPhone format? I have searched everywhere and tried every converter that said it could and it keeps saying no decoder and such..and I have no clue what that means. If someone can help me with decoder or help me find...
  6. Conan

    European carriers confirmed "T-Mobile of Germany, Orange of France and O2 in the UK, have each in recent days signed agreements that afford them exclusive rights to market the Apple handset to customers within those...
  7. Conan

    Sound on NES

    Does anyone know how to activate sound on the latest version of the NES emulator?..I cant get it to work :(
  8. Conan

    iPhone touchscreen response problem

    has anyone else had problems where during the slide to unlock screen, the response time for the slide is late. like once you slide the lock switch, it takes a few seconds to actually slide? I had that today and it got frustrating cause I sleep my iPhone when I choose the album I want to listen...