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    New Ringtone Organization w/1.1.2

    Just reloaded my iToner ringtones, and noticed that the iPhone now breaks up the display of ringtones with a header - First one says CUSTOM then displays your own tones - a grey divider then STANDARD with the built-in ringtones displayed. Pretty cool!
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    Toy Story - Steve Jobs

    Steve owned Pixar for years.. He bought it for a paltry sum from George Lucas - When he returned to Apple he was CEO of both companies up until Pixar was sold to Disney last year (or the year before) I was very happy when he sold it - as I had bought a rather large amount of Pixar stock several...
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    Has anyone got the $200 credit from Amex yet?

    If this helps - I am a Platinum card holder (the $450/yr version) That might be why they acted so quickly on my claim. Just under the 2 week mark for my credit of $400.00 for 2 phones. I'm sure they'll get to everyone eventually.
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    Has anyone got the $200 credit from Amex yet?

    Called them the day of the price cut announcement As soon as I heard the news of the drop - I got on the phone and asked for a refund! I'd call them and see what's up?!
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    Has anyone got the $200 credit from Amex yet?

    They called me yesterday AMEX called me yesterday to let me know that although not covered under the purchase protection policy, they had issued my 400 dollar goodwill credit. (2 iPhones purchased on 6/29) I discovered the credit on my online account info 2 days ago. No paperwork asked for...
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    Has anyone got the $200 credit from Amex yet?

    I got my $400.00 this morning! My claim still said pending on the website - but I received a 400 dollar goodwill credit this morning for my 2 phones. AMEX rocks! I always use it for big ticket purchases "just in case", and it sure paid off this time! I called the day after Steve's price...
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    Has anyone got the $200 credit from Amex yet?

    A wild guess about your credit.. I'm guessing AMEX deducted the one hundred dollar "rebate" from Apple from the amount they are crediting you?! Seems fair enough. I'm still waiting to hear from them on the 2 iPhones I purchased!
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    Has anyone got the $200 credit from Amex yet?

    AMEX DOES issue a claim number when you call I called the day of the announcement, and the nice guy took my info and gave me a claim number to reference for any calls/online updates. He told me the standard 2 weeks for processing time spiel, and that although there was no specific coverage for...
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    Apple BT headset case

    I use this (slightly modified) I had one of these kicking around - so I pulled out the center part that holds Apple headphones and the BT headset fits in perfectly! A little clip on the ring they provide, and I can clip them to my bag or...
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    movies now show chapters

    When playing a movie ripped from dvd, the chapters now appear on the control panel - you can skip ahead/back by chapter using the forward/backward controller buttons! Yay! Haven't found anything else yet - but still looking! (I'm referring to the 1.0.2 update here of course!)
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    Why is the dock not supported?

    unplug and re-plug Just unplug the dock from your mac/peecee, and plug it back in again. Problem solved!
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    I bought AAPL for 12 dollars a share (oh so long ago) When everybody said they were going out of businesss (which I NEVER believed) I bought a few shares. Those shares have split and split again (and again) and now are worth over 10K. Not bad for a 100 dollar or so investment! And I don't plan...
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset Discussion

    Apple BT unit - a few more observations.. Caller sounds very loud and clear through the headset. I called my home phone and left a voicemail with windows down - up w/air con blowing - and windows up-a/c off. All were easy to hear and understand when I played back the VM. The earbud fits my...
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset Discussion

    Just picked up an Apple BT headset I have to say it's pretty nice! A bit smaller than I imagined. call quality is fine, and volume is much louder than the earpiece (and speakerphone of course!) I like the fact that there is no loop over the ear - no branding when on (simple Apple logo on the...
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    Playing music through iPhone speaker

    speaker on left microphone on right. (if iPhone is facing you)
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    Describe your iPhone in one word.

    Being a New Englander.. my one word description... "wicked" (if you are from - or know someone from the Boston area - you'll know all about the word wicked - as in "wicked cool" or wicked pissa")
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    Which LCD model does your iPhone have? *READ*

    I own 2 iPhones - 1 of each After reading this post - I put the 2 iPhones which have the 2 different lcd panels side by side and put the brightness at 1/2. The lcd with the 5 screen was significantly brighter and had a cooler, bluish hue than the 7. Of course, my phone is the dull one, and my...
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    Fix Low Volume with Restore?

    earbuds are quite loud compared to that darn speaker - they are quite loud - and work very well.
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    Contacts and the iPhone camera!

    Here's a cool little thing I "discovered" yesterday. If you are using your phone, and call a contact from your list - you will see your selected wallpaper in the background - behind the speakerphone/keypad/etc.. However, if you TAKE a picture of someone and ADD it to their contact info - the...
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    How many of you use your iPhone with a Mac vs. a PC?

    Apple Macintosh - Since 1984 baby! It just works. :2cool: