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  1. GQmacguy

    Replacement black enclosure!

    Have you guys seen this?! You can now buy a back enclosure in black for the iPhone. Check it out HERE It does take a little bit of grease work, but the full tutorial of DYI has been posted HERE at MacRumors.:laugh2: I ordered one! It will be fun to be able to switch covers every so...
  2. GQmacguy

    Louis Vuitton Luxury iPhone cases

    Louis Vuitton just came out with some nice cases for the iPhone. They seem to me like more of a holster, but still looks like a nice case. :2cool:
  3. GQmacguy

    iTunes Automated iPhone Backup WORKS!

    iTunes actually keeps a backup of your iPhone when you sync (iTunes/Prefs/iPhone). One might thinks that is just keeping a backup of your information/settings that you have saved on your phone, which is the case, but it also does so much more. I know that a few people have discovered this...
  4. GQmacguy

    Hidden Strings In iTunes 7.3... Upcoming features?

    TUAW just posted a really interesting piece on the hidden strings in the new iTunes update. I'm wondering if these might be some features that we see enabled in future updates? I hope so... A few things they noticed: " and For the rest of the article, check it out here: TUAW...